Prisons in Arizona and Department of Corrections Facilities

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Arizona Department of Corrections / State Prisons:

For your convenience, we have created individual pages for each Prison with information about each Prison’s Driving Directions, Visitation Rules, Available Programs and Contact Information.

In Arizona, there are 10 state prisons and 6 private facilities currently in operation. If you are having difficulty locating an inmate, you can start by contacting each prison directly to inquire about the individual in question. Additionally, if you do know the Prison where someone is located and are looking for more information on legal defense help, please give us a call anytime, 24/7 and speak with our team of criminal defense attorneys on-call. Our direct phone number is 602-307-0808 or you can Follow This Link to fill out our Secure Web Form.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to keep up with inmate locations, particularly when a trial or appeal is in process. Do not feel that you have to do this on your own. Our firm has decades of experience in the state of Arizona, and we have a high success rate when it comes to Post Conviction Relief, Appeals, Sentence Modifications, and Set Asides (also known as Expungements).

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a case in question. We pledge to do the very best we can to not only locate a person who has been incarcerated in Arizona but to provide them with a quality defense as well. We look forward to serving you.

Look Online with the Arizona Department of Corrections

In this era of technology, it should come as no surprise that you will want to begin your search for an inmate in Arizona online. The primary place to begin that part of the search is at the Arizona Department of Corrections website. This particular site is built with both the public and the employee in mind, so you will want to go to the specific section that deals with current inmates.

Here are some simple steps and guidelines to help guide you in your search.

  • Inmate Data Search – Click on the Inmate Data Search link that is located right on the homepage itself. This is a quick search for an inmate housed at any of the multiple faculties located across the state.
  • Inmate Number Search – All inmates in the State of Arizona are assigned a number upon intake. If you have happen to know what that number is for the person who you are searching for, just enter that in the box and hit ‘go’. As long as you have entered a valid number, you should be able to confirm the name of the person you are searching for, along with where they are currently being held. Many people will use this search feature if their friend or family member has been moved and they do not know where.
  • Search by Name – If you do not know the inmate number, you will want to use the name search feature to locate who you are looking for. Make sure that you spell the name correctly and that you insert the last name first, following by only the first initial of the first name. Because these records are classified by gender, you will also want to check either ‘male’ or ‘female’. The final item in this search is the current status of the person. You can select from active, inactive, supervised or on parole, or absconder. If you are not sure what the status is of the person you are looking for, just start with active. If no results are found, you can try another status indicator to hopefully find the person.

In many cases, this is all you will need to locate an inmate being housed in the correctional system in Arizona.

Know the Arizona Laws When Searching for an Inmate

When it comes to inmate privacy, there are some unique Arizona laws and statutes that you will want to keep in mind as you begin your search. These deal with how information is released, and the penalties for publishing privileged inmate data in any form without going through the proper channels.

There are two main statutes that you will want to be concerned about in this regard. We will list those below, but keep in mind that we are available to assist you with legal aide of any sort. If you know someone who has been charged with a major crime in the state of Arizona, we can help. This often begins with locating the inmate and finding out what type of assistance is needed, then we can go from there.

  • ARS 31-222 (e) – No inmate is permitted to has access to any other own prisoner records, or that of anyone else housed with them. If you use the Internet to access this information, do not send it to an inmate. It will be treated as contraband, and there are other penalties contained within this statute. Again, we can help gain access to such records and will know how to properly disseminate the information.
  • ARS 13-2505 – You are not permitted to promote prison contraband. This includes sending material that would constitute prisoner records to an inmate. If you are found to be doing so, you can be charged with a Class 5 felony. The sentence for a conviction is up to two and a half years in prison.


How Do I Find the Prisons and Jails in Arizona

There are many reasons why you may need to locate someone who is currently incarcerated within the state of Arizona. It could be a family member or friend who you have lost contact with, or who is detained without you knowing it. Alternatively, you might have a business matter or some other personal matter that you need to discuss with the individual.

Whatever the reason might be, it can feel like a daunting process to actually locate an inmate within such a large correctional system as the one in place in Arizona. You will find that the Arizona Department of Corrections alone houses more than 43,000 inmates, with even more located at private facilities across the state. To aid you in your search, we want to inform you the important things that you will want to keep in mind as you search for someone who is in jail or prison in Arizona.

DM Cantor is here to help in any way we can to defend the freedom of a friend or family member in need. We would be happy to go over the situation from top to bottom and come up with a viable defense strategy. Our free attorney consultations usually take about 30 minutes and are at no cost. Simply call us today or fill out our Online Contact Form and we look forward to hearing from. you.

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