Safford Prison Information

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Aerial View of Safford Prison Complex in Safford, Arizona.
Aerial View of Safford Prison Complex in Safford, Arizona.

Safford Prison, located in Safford, Arizona, is split into 4 separate Units: Fort Grant, Miles Detention, Tonto and Graham. Each unit has different security classifications and have their own available programs. Each inmate at Safford prison is given basic medical and dental care and are offered an array of programs to help with the rehabilitation process. Work programs and Religious programs are also offered.

Directions to get to Safford Prison in Arizona

896 South Cook Road
Safford, AZ 85546

Main Telephone: (928) 428-4698
Main Fax: (928) 428-3235

Getting to Safford Prison from Phoenix is easy. You take Highway 60 the Superstition Freeway to the Globe Exit. Exit towards Globe onto Highway 70, keeping on HW 70 all the way to Safford. From the Highway 70 and 191 intersection, continue East on HW 70 for seven miles to San Jose Road. Make a left onto San Jose Road. Keep on the road till the pavement ends, then a sign shows the prison facility on your right-hand side.



Visitation Information / Contact Information

Visitors to the facility need to first apply before they visit – follow this link for the visitation application. They require you to print out, fill out, and physically mail in your application too. You have to specifically apply for your desired day and time. Those inmates who are in detention may only receive visitors by appointment. These are strictly non-contact visits.

Visitation days are Saturday, Sunday, and State holidays.
Hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
No visitors are accepted after 2:00 p.m.

Visitation for detention inmates is Non-Contact and By Appointment – Only.

Appointments can be scheduled through the visitation office, and must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

For Food Visitation Guidelines, Click Here.


Available Education, Treatment and Work Programs at Safford Prison

Safford Prison focuses heavily on treatment programs for its inmates. It offers a range of useful treatment services on all of its facility sites. All units deliver more than simply basic dental and medical care. They provide a full slate of reentry services as well. These include all of the following:

  • General education
  • College courses with opportunities to earn AA degrees
  • Vocational schooling
  • “Merging Two Worlds” reentry program class
  • Religious services
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Unrivaled work programs for inmates

Besides this wealth of programs available to inmates of the prison, the facilities offer still more useful offerings for prisoners including each of the following at their Graham campus:

  • Cultural diversity
  • “Thinking for a Change”
  • Alcoholics Anonymous offered in either English or Spanish
  • Self-improvement classes

At the Tonto Campus, inmates are offered the following two additional programs:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous offered in either English or Spanish
  • ”Thinking for a Change”

At the Fort Grant campus, prisoners can participate in the following programs:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Cultural diversity
  • Domestic violence
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous in both English and Spanish

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Assist with Issues Like the Petition for Early Termination of Probation

It is important to realize that every state maintains its own specific regulations which you have to meet before you can receive an early termination of probation. The process generally begins with you contacting your Parole Officer or any criminal defense attorney so that you can ask about the state-specific procedures. With a lot of states, the typical process involves filing a motion with the appropriate court where you were originally convicted.

Here you make your request for early termination of probation. Some jurisdictions require you to physically write a letter clearly outlining the reasons you believe that you deserve early termination of probation. It is necessary to include your parole officer’s official recommendation letter. Assuming that you have this, it will generally convince the judge to approve the request.

All cases are different. The courts typically contemplate a range of factors in the process of decision making. The court will begin by checking to learn if you paid all fines and made good on all restitution. They will also be interested in whether or not you finished all prescribed counseling sessions like alcohol and drug treatment or anger management.

The courts are pretty thorough. They will review all other relevant terms which were stipulated in your case. If any probation terms at all have been violated, the court will be aware and will consider it as part of their review and evaluation.


The Benefits of Early Termination of Probation

It is difficult to overstate the many benefits of receiving early termination of probation in your particular case. You would no longer be worried about the day to day struggle and the heavy burden of realizing that you are only one small mistake away from going back to prison for violating your probation. This is why you want to follow the five major steps to receiving an early termination of your particular probation.

The first step is to consult with a capable defense attorney. They can assist you in navigating all legal processes. They will file the request to terminate the probation early with the courts. The primary aim of the attorney will be to come up with a convincing argument on why you should be let out of your probation early. The attorney will present this case in front of the judge at the hearing. An experienced lawyer will understand the time and means of filing all required legal paperwork in order to schedule the hearing on the court calendar. They will be well aware of all necessary steps so that none are accidentally missed along the way.

The second step is to maintain a clean record. The judge will have full discretion over your case and request. Assuming that you have kept out of trouble and abided by all terms in the probation, including paying all restitution and fines and going to all required counseling sessions, then your chances of a positive outcome will dramatically improve.

The third step involves serving out minimally half of the probation term that was given to you in your sentencing. You could apply for this earlier, since the law does not specify a minimum amount of probation time to serve. Yet the judges usually will not offer an early termination until at least fifty percent of the probation has been fully served.

The critical fourth step is to actually petition the court to review the case. They must be asked to grant an early termination to the probation in question. Your attorney is expected to make the full formal request. He will also have to offer a reasonable explanation for why you have earned this privilege. It helps if you have any type of injustice you will be disadvantaged by if such an early motion for release is not granted. This could be a negative impact on your career prospects at your job.

You should know that the district attorney will also have to be made aware of your petition since the office has to receive the chance to oppose said petition and request. Capable defense attorneys with appropriate experience in this work will be well aware of the proper methods for filing such a motion and the best way to persuasively argue on your behalf in front of the judge.

The final step involves the hearing itself. The court appoints a particular date to hear your motion at which point and time your lawyer will represent and make your appeal. It does depend in part on the crime for which you were convicted. The prosecution has the right to attempt to block your motion for early termination in front of the judge.

After the two sides of the argument have aired their motions and complaints to the judge, he or she will issue the decision on the motion. Assuming that your attorney convinces the judge, your probation can be ordered terminated effective immediately.

He could similarly deny the motion. There is also a third option. They could choose to state that you need more time in probation. If you stay clean with your record in this remaining time, then he will likely allow you to file for an early motion to terminate probation once again. This time around, he or she will accept the appeal.

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