Adult Misdemeanor Case Stages

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Misdemeanor (Definition): A misdemeanor is any crime which has a maximum punishment of up to six (6) months in the county jail. In addition, the highest fine can be $2500.00 plus additional surcharges and penalties which approach 84%. All cases which have court dates in City or Magistrate Courts are misdemeanors. Some cases which appear in Justice Courts are misdemeanors which have been cited by a Sheriff’s Deputy, Department of Public Safety Officer, Reservation or Campus Police. These usually include a first or second offense DUI, most traffic offenses, Domestic Violence offenses, Shoplifting offenses, and other minor crimes.

In almost all cases, a defense attorney can appear on behalf of a Defendant throughout the Pretrial phases. This prevents the Defendant from having to take time off work and appear in Court. However, there are a few Judges who require a Defendant’s presence at each and every court date. Call us to see whether your case is set in one of those Judges’ courtrooms. The buttons below lists all of the case stages involved in a misdemeanor case in chronological order.

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