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Felonies include any crimes which are potentially punishable with one year or more of prison in the Arizona State Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. These usually include any drug offenses, any crime involving a serious physical injury or death, crimes which involve loss of property worth $250.00 or more, DUIs with a passenger under 15 years of age in the car, DUIs which are a third offense within 7 years, Any DUIs in which your license was currently suspended when stopped, and an assortment of other crimes which may or may not obviously be felonies. You know you have been charged with a felony if it states so in your complaint, indictment, or on the booking sheet which was handed to you upon your release from jail.

A Defendant is required to appear at each and every court date on felony cases. In very special circumstances, a defense attorney can appear on a Defendant’s behalf without the Defendant being present. Call us to find out if you qualify. The following list on the right hand side of this site lists all of the adult felony case stages involved in a felony case in chronological order.

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