Eyman Prison Information

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Directions to get to Eyman Prison

4374 E Butte Ave
Florence, AZ 85132

Main Telephone: (520) 868-0201
Main Fax: (520) 868-0276

Getting to the prison from Phoenix is not difficult. You take the Interstate I-10 East to the Exit 387 Coolidge/Florence. From there you continue East following the signs to the Coolidge and Florence area. Next you make a right hand turn onto Highway 87. Continue along Highway 87 until reaching the Florence area. Upon reaching the “Y”, make a left turn. Next turn right onto Butte Avenue (the next light). You cross over Pinal Parkway and continue along Butte to the ASPC entrance for Eyman Prison.

From Tuscon the directions are similar. You drive along the Interstate along I-10 going West to the Eloy/Coolidge exit. Continue following the signs until you reach the Coolidge area. After the City of Coolidge, you make a right hand turn onto Highway 79 going East. You stay on this road until reaching the Florence area. At the “Y”, you make a left. The first light is Butte Avenue. Turn right onto Butte, crossing Pinal Parkway. You stay on Butte Avenue all the way to the gates of ASPC Eyman.



Visitation Information / Contact Information

Visitation is allowed only by an appointment made in advance. You are able to select appointment days and times from a weekly schedule for Friday to Monday from 8 am to 3 pm. To make an appointment, interested visitors should call Eyman Prison on (520) 868-8513.

The Visitor Rules and Procedures document lists the following:

  • Visitation Application Rules
  • Central Unit Maximum Visitation Procedures
  • Central Max Step Level (CB1) and (CB2) Behavioral Health Visits
  • Searches of Visitors for Contraband
  • Dress Codes for Females – 8 years of age to adult
  • Dress Codes for Males – 8 years of age to adult
  • List of Items allowed to bring
  • Visitor Suspensions


Available Education, Treatment and Work Programs at Eyman Prison

Eyman Prison is organized along the lines of five units. These include Browning, Cook, Meadows, Rynning, and SMU I units. The prison itself offers a great variety of work and educational programs for all of its resident inmates. Work opportunities include the bakery, the laundry facility at the prison, a license plate factory, and more.

In educational opportunities, Eyman Prison offers an impressive variety of programs. They make available all of the following areas of specialization:

  • Culinary arts
  • Construction
  • Small business management
  • Catering
  • Transitional development
  • Custodian work
  • Plumbing

The prison also offers a range of helpful treatment programs for its inmate population members. There are mental health groups and the 12 step program for mental health. Substance abuse programs include AA Alcoholics Anonymous and Nicotine Awareness.

How Criminal Defense Attorneys can Help

After a defendant has lost his or her case and has gained a criminal conviction on the permanent record, this will always be a haunting shadow that overhangs everything in the future of their life. It will become hard to gain professional licenses or even obtain decent employment. This says nothing about the damage to one’s reputation over the long term.

The good news is that the legal system offers a few ways for convicts to receive post-conviction relief. This is true whether or not you have been convicted and/or sentenced unjustly and unfairly or if you merely need some help repairing your damaged reputation after you have served your time and paid your so-called debt to society.

Rather than serve out a lengthy sentence though, there is another option, which is to make every possible and viable effort to obtain post conviction relief in order to get out from under the maximum extent of the law penalties. Once sentencing has actually occurred, the first stage of the criminal case has been completed. After you have made your guilty plea or been convicted, you then have the right to appeal your court case in the next stages.

Even should your appeals ultimately fail, you still possess some workable legal options which you can pursue. Post conviction relief can still be yours even when you lose an appeal. Such relief is typically pursued with regards to the writ of habeas corpus.

Important Information about Appeals

It is critical to be aware of the fact that such post conviction relief comes with intensely strict time limits attached to it. You get a maximum of two years from conviction date to seek out such relief. Convictions are already final at such a point. Issues which can be effectively raised in appeals are limited to the following:

  • Errors made in the case but which are unknown to the defense at the time
  • Newly uncovered evidence after conviction and sentencing
  • Changing of relevant laws and penalties
  • Incompetence in the counsel’s defense
  • Issues that have bearing in the pursuit of justice

Appealing the court’s final decision is a key right of a defendant who loses a criminal case. The truth remains that legal errors are often made in handling a defendant’s criminal court case. Such errors can and do impact the case and its outcome. Thanks to these appeals, there is always the chance (however slim) that a conviction can be completely overturned, even after conviction and sentencing. Other outcomes are that an unfairly harsh sentence can be adjusted and a new trial may even be ordered by the judge.

For more information on Appeals, Arizona Rule 32, Sentence Modifications or even Post Conviction Relief (PCR) call and speak with our attorneys at 602-307-0808. Our attorneys will work around the clock to help find the best possible solution for you or a loved one.


Habeas Corpus and Post Conviction Relief

The final and often best hope for many unfairly imprisoned defendants is getting a writ of habeas corpus. Yet such relief is only available for particular circumstances in extraordinary cases.

Another option is the Prop 47 Resentencing. For those felons who have been convicted of theft or drugs possession, these crimes have been converted into misdemeanors under what is known as Prop 47. You are now allowed to file for a resentencing petition in order to obtain a reduced sentence and charge.

Another possibility is called expungement. If you succeed in having your conviction expunged, then it would be taken completely off of your criminal record altogether. This would allow you to truthfully claim that you were not convicted for said crime. Nor would it ever appear on any background checks run for you by the vast majority of organizations any longer.

The exceptions apply to some sex crimes. In many states, most crimes qualify for the possibility of expungement so long as the defendant did not serve any time in a state prison. Other requirements are that the defendant must have completed successfully all sentencing terms and the convict can not be living with current charges or serving probation at the present time for any other crime.

Another form of relief is the Certificate of Rehabilitation. Sometimes convictions may not be expunged. Yet relief is still available in the form of the Certificate of Rehabilitation. This would stop all state licensing agencies from any discriminatory acts against the convict because of the conviction. It would relieve the registration requirements from the majority of sex offenders. There can be delays with such relief however. It could require a wait of from seven to ten years following fully serving out the sentence in order to be eligible to apply for such a certificate of rehabilitation. This amount of time depends mostly on the original conviction and its nature.

In some rare cases, another form of post conviction relief is a possibility. This is a Governor’s Pardon. It would not destroy or seal up a defendant’s criminal records, yet it would provide substantial post conviction relief to the ex-convict. One of the primary benefits of such relief would be a full restitution of the rights to serve in juries and to bear arms or possess firearms.

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