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The City of Avondale, situated near the Agua Fria River, is located just west of the Phoenix Metro area. Known also as a commercial corridor, Avondale, AZ boasts successful business parks, the Phoenix International Raceway, the Desert Sky Mall, World Wildlife Zoo, and fabulous restaurants. It’s a great place to live and play – until one day when you are pulled over for driving under the influence and charged with DUI in Avondale. Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) is a serious offense. It is not simply a traffic ticket. You risk jail time and thousands of dollars in fines and court costs.  Check out our Top 5 DUI Defenses for beating a Avondale DUI.

Watch this video of DM Cantor, ranked a “best DUI lawyer in Avondale, AZ“, talk about what to do or expect when charged with a DUI in Avondale.

Judges and juries in Avondale have little sympathy for drunk driving. If you have been charged with DUI, you need an aggressive Avondale DUI Lawyer familiar with local prosecutors, judges, and juries to defend you against these charges.

What exactly is a DUI?

The legal definition of DUI is to operate a motor vehicle when your blood alcohol content is .08 percent or higher, or your ability to drive is impaired to the slightest degree. The Arizona DUI laws are considered some of the most severe in the country. Every DUI carries mandatory jail time!

The Meaning of Impaired Driving

Arizona considers drinking while driving such a serious offense that you can be convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol level lower than the state minimum. A blood alcohol level of .05 to .08 percent is considered impaired driving.

– Misdemeanor DUI in Avondale

While a misdemeanor is the lesser of the two criminal charges, it still carries multiple possible consequences. (See “DUI Sentencing Guidelines” below)

– Regular DUI in Avondale – ARS 28-1381

The first level is DUI for offenders with a blood alcohol level between .08 and .149 percent.

– Extreme DUI in Avondale – ARS 28-1382

Once an offender’s blood alcohol content reaches .15 to .20 percent, charges can be filed under the extreme DUI law.

– Super Extreme DUI in Avondale – ARS 28-1382 (D)(1)

Any blood alcohol level above .20 percent is considered super extreme DUI.

– Aggravated DUI / Felony DUI – ARS 28-1383

You may be charged with Aggravated DUI if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • A new DUI charge when you have had two previous DUI convictions within the past seven years,
  • A new DUI charge while your driver’s license is suspended for a previous DUI, or
  • Driving under the influence while a child under the age of 15 is in the vehicle.

DUI with Injury – Aggravated Assault

You will face the most serious DUI charges if you are involved in an accident when your blood alcohol level is over .08 percent. In these circumstances, you can face a felony charge of aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument. You do not have to be at fault in the accident to face these types of charges, which carry mandatory time in the Department of Corrections.

In addition to mandatory fines and incarceration, everyone injured in the accident has a right to file a civil lawsuit against you for monetary compensation.

Avondale DUI Sentencing Options

When charged with driving under the influence, it is highly recommended that you have an experienced Avondale DUI Lawyer to strategically come up with the best defense to help reduce or dismiss the charge completely. Below are the possible sentences you could face.

Misdemeanor DUI Sentencing Options

  • Jail: not less than 10 days, however, 9 of those days can be suspended upon completion of drug / alcohol counseling.
  • Fines and Assessments: $1500 minimum.
  • Court-ordered community restitution.
  • Certified ignition interlock device.
  • Court ordered alcohol or other drug screening, education, or treatment program.
  • 90-day license suspension.

Sentencing Options for Extreme DUI and Super Extreme DUI

  • Sentence: not less than 30 days (Extreme) or 45 days (Super Extreme).
  • Fines and Assessments: $2700 (Extreme) or $3200 (Super Extreme) minimum.
  • Court-ordered community restitution.
  • Certified ignition interlock device.
  • 90-day license suspension.
  • Court ordered alcohol or other drug screening, education, or treatment program.

Sentencing Options for Aggravated DUI / Felony DUI

  • Felony conviction.
  • Loss of right to vote.
  • Loss of right to bear arms.
  • Prison: not less than 4 months on a first time offense.
  • Fines and Assessments: $4000 minimum.
  • Court-ordered community restitution.
  • Revocation of driving privileges.
  • Certified ignition interlock device.
  • Court-ordered alcohol or other drug screening, education, or treatment program.

The Consequences of DUI in Avondale, AZ

The consequences of a DUI are not all yours. Your family and close friends may face significant fallout as well. You can lose your freedom, job, relationships, reputation and money for years to come. Your family can lose their financial, emotional, and physical support. They can also lose the family home, their reputation in the community, and friends.

How much would you pay for your freedom? 

If your freedom and well-being of you and your friends / family is important to you, then protect them by hiring the best DUI lawyer in Avondale with a reputation for being strong and aggressive. Most attorneys can represent clients who are accused of DUI, but the lawyers at the DM Cantor specialize in this field.

Each Avondale DUI lawyer has years of experience in the field. They aggressively defend your legal rights and develop a strong plan designed to achieve the best possible outcome. If you are charged with a DUI in Avondale, contact the DM Cantor as soon as possible to schedule a Free Consultation by Calling (602) 307-0808 or filling out our Online Contact Form Below.

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