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Category Archives: 43A Fraudulent Schemes Pre-Charge Victories

NOT CHARGED | U.S. Federal District Court of Arizona v. Ms. O. and Ms. D.: Ms. O. and Ms. D. were bringing in counterfeit Rolex watches from Los Angeles and selling them in the Valley. They were arrested by the F.B.I., and were facing numerous years in prison. Through a “cooperation deal” with the Agents, we were able to keep them from being charged with any crimes, and their arrest records were sealed. Their cooperation helped in the confiscation of over 1 million dollars of counterfeit Rolex watches.

NOT CHARGED | PRESCRIPTION FRAUD – (DMC No. ): : Mr. C. was an intern for a medical association. He was accused of forging prescriptions in order to obtain narcotic drugs. We pressured detectives into proving that he forged the signature by way of a handwriting analysis. The State could not do so, and no charges were brought against Mr. C.

NOT CHARGED | FRAUD SCHEMES/THEFT – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. M. worked at a local car dealership where he was accused of stealing $70,000.00 worth of parts with 2 other employees. Due to his full cooperation with Detectives, we were able to keep Mr. M. from being charged in exchange for information on the other 2 individuals involved. This prevented Mr. M. from facing prison time.

NOT CHARGED | FRAUD/FORGERY – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. 4158): Mr. S. was originally cited for Driving on a Suspended License, and the judge issued a Bench Warrant with a bond of $3,800 dollars. Bond was posted by a local bailbonds company after Mr. S. paid a 10% fee. Mr. S.’s turned in a form to the bailbonds company indicating the bond had been released by the Court in order to get property (a quad runner) released as collateral. Allegations were made that Mr. S. had forged the judge’s signature on the release form. Through working with the bailbonds company and speaking with detectives, we were able to resolve this as a civil matter and the detectives agreed not to file any charges.

NOT CHARGED | WIRE FRAUD / SECURITIES FRAUD – Mr. D was the owner of an International Bank based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.  He was accused of defrauding investors of over $1,000,000.00 due to the fact that the bank invested income in various construction projects in Florida.  Eventually, these projects went “belly up”, and there was no money to pay back the investors.  The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office were investigating Mr. D for Sale of Unlicensed Securities, Theft and various RICO violations.  Mr. Cantor became involved with the FBI agents and the U.S. Attorney and demonstrated to them that this was not a criminal case, it was actually a civil case that needed to be resolved between the investors and Mr. D.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Mr. D.

FBI Investigated

NOT CHARGED | IDENTITY THEFT AND FRAUD FORGERY – (DMC No. 10014) (Tempe Police Department): Ms. B. was accused of forging a letter from her son’s previous employer and sending it to his current employer. The letter claimed that Ms. B.’s son was under investigation for possible theft. Ms. B. was very upset at her son for previous acts that he had committed. We were able to work with all parties involved and the police department and prevent any charges from being filed. If charges were filed, Ms. B. would have been charged with identity theft and forgery (for falsifying the signature on the letter of the store manager) and she could have faced several years in prison.

NOT CHARGED | UNLICENSED SECURITIES SALES  – In 2006, Mr. N, an investment broker, was accused of selling unlicensed securities. By working with the Plaintiff’s attorney, we were able to liquidate all securities involved and provide the Plaintiff all of his invested money back (plus interest). This resolved the case through the civil process rather than the criminal courts. The amounts involved were close to 1 million dollars.

Court – FBI Investigated

NOT CHARGED | FRAUD SCHEMES, FALSE REPORTING AND DEFRAUDING  A SECURED CREDITOR (DMC No. 8601) State vs. Mr. B. (Glendale Police Department): Mr. B.’s fiancé had purchased a vehicle from a local car dealership. Two months later, Mr. B. and his fiancé filed a police report that the vehicle had been stolen. Police later found the vehicle at a co-workers house of Mr. B., and it had various performance upgrades made to the vehicle. The co-worker said that he had bought the car from Mr. B. We were able to poke holes in the co-workers claim in that he had no receipt for cash that he had supposedly given Mr. B. for the vehicle. We informed detectives that he most likely had duplicated Mr. B.’s keys and stole the vehicle in the middle of the night from Mr. B.’s fiancé’s house as she had claimed. No charges were brought against Mr. B., even though he was currently on probation for a prior possession of stolen property charge. In addition, he had a prior fraud schemes conviction several years earlier. He was originally facing well over 2 decades in prison, yet was not charged with any crime.

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