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Category Archives: 43A Fraudulent Schemes Pre-Charge Victories

NOT CHARGED | FEDERAL COUNTERFEITING NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. C. (DMC No. 4583) (U.S. Secret Service Investigated):  Mr. C. had been accused of passing various counterfeit bills.  We were able to work with the U.S. Secret Service in order to cooperate, and no charges were ever filed against Mr. C.   Because Mr. C. had prior felonies, he was facing numerous years in prison if this charge had not been resolved.


NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT – Ms. C. was Treasurer of a local homeowner’s association.  She was accused of taking $7,500.  The Homeowner’s Board was suspicious and was asking to check the books.  We were able to get involved, get all the money paid back and keep this from going forward to the police for charges.  Ms. C. would have been facing potential years in prison.

NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT – (DMC No. 7091) State v. Ms. S.: Mr. S. worked in an AM/PM convenience store and he was accused of stealing money from the register.  He admitted that he stole about $200 per month, which totaled $1,000.  Later, allegations went up to $20,000 stolen over the course of a year.  Because the surveillance cameras did not actually show Mr. S. placing money in his pocket and due to the fact that their insurance company had reimbursed the store’s owners, we were able to keep charges from being filed against Mr. S., and prevent him from facing multiple years in prison.

NOT CHARGED | INSURANCE FRAUD – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 9815): Mr. S. was involved in a nasty divorce with his wife. She had stored numerous items to be resold as antiques in her house. When she left, she filed an insurance claim stating that there was 40,000-50,000 in damage and theft. Mr. S reported her to the insurance company and informed them that he was the true insured party and was the one who suffered the actual loss. The insurance company tried to claim that this was somehow a fraudulent statement. We were able to show that the fact that he was a victim of theft (even though it was from his wife who he was divorcing) still entitled him to a lawful insurance claim.w

NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. M. was an employee of a local interior design shop. He allegedly embezzled over $30,000.00 during a 4 year span. We were able to negotiate a civil settlement of $20,000.00 in payments, and the detectives agreed not to file charges.

NOT CHARGED | FRAUD SHCEMES/EMBEZZLEMENT – State v. Mr. H. (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. H. worked for a local restaurant chain as a Manager, where he would enter “discounted tickets” and keep the change. The total amount of his theft was approximately $10,000.00. We were able to negotiate a civil settlement with the restaurant in which he paid $5,000.00, obtained signed releases, and no criminal charges were filed.

NOT CHARGED | U.S. Federal District Court of Arizona v. Mr. K. (DMC No. ): Mr. K. was contacted by I.R.S. Agents regarding an audit, who claimed he owed approximately $50,000 in taxes based upon income he did not declare. We were able to employ the services of a Forensic Accountant and meet with the I.R.S. Ultimately, we negotiated his liability down to $10,000, and no charges were against Mr. K.

NOT CHARGED | FRAUD SCHEMES & THEFT – State v. Mr. M. (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. M. was a former employee of a local bank and received too many benefits checks after he had left the company. Because he had been cashing these checks, the detectives were looking to charge him with Fraudulent Schemes and Theft. We were able to work out a civil settlement with the bank, which resulted in repayment of the $8,000.00 in question, and no charges were brought against Mr. M.

NOT CHARGED | U.S. Federal District Court of Arizona v. Mr. G. and Mr. S. (DMC No. ): Mr. G. and Mr. S. had come in from California and were accused of using fake hundred dollar bills which had been forged by way of a color copier. These particular bills were of high quality. We set up a “cooperation deal” with the U.S. Secret Service in which the actual source of the counterfeited bills was produced in California. Due to our client’s cooperation, they were never charged with any crimes and their arrest records were sealed.

NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Ms. R. was employed with a Valley stucco company and was accused of embezzling over $100,000.00 from them. Through a civil settlement, we were able to negotiate a pay-back spread out over a number of years. We convinced the detectives to not file charges, since this was now a civil matter. No charges were ever brought against Ms. R.

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