DUI Lawyer Advice: The Right to Remain Silent-Use It!

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Constitutional rights prohibit an officer from asking too many questions because the suspect might not know their purpose, or they could trick a suspect into making statements that might unfairly indicate guilt. Do not answer questions and do not admit anything.

The officer might ask (sometimes coerce) a DUI or DWI suspect to take coordination or field sobriety tests. Sometimes these tests are videotaped. Unlike the breath or blood test, the field sobriety tests are not objective. They are tests of a driver’s balance and dexterity. Only the officer at the scene determines the results. Do not do these tests. A subjective analysis is not something to which a person should submit.

Once a person has been taken into custody (or otherwise deprived of his or her freedom in any significant way), a police officer must advise that person of their Miranda Rights prior to asking any questions. If this is not done, then any illegally obtained statements may be suppressed.

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