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David Cantor is an experienced Criminal Attorney and DUI Lawyer serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Maricopa County. The West Mesa Justice Court, like other justice courts, handles issues concerning traffic tickets, criminal issues, small claims, and code violations. In any event an individual may be summoned to the West Mesa Justice Court as a result of being stopped by DPS, the Department of Public Safety, or a member of the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office.

David Cantor discusses the West Mesa Justice Court and the presiding judge:

The West Mesa Justice Court serves a specific jurisdiction, like any other court system. The boundaries of the West Mesa Justice Court’s jurisdiction include Doubletree Ranch Road to the north, Southern Road to the south, Country Club to the east, and Pima to the west. While it may seem that these boundaries create a traditional rectangular area, this area is different. The West Mesa Court jurisdiction is actually sectioned into two separate islands of land.

The layout of this jurisdiction is actually what makes it so important to visit an attorney after being stopped in the area. If actually stopped in between the two islands of land, an individual has a defense that is capable of getting the entire case thrown out. When looking at a map, the two separate islands of land are very apparent. If you have questions about the validity of your stop, please give us a call at (602) 307-0808 for a Free Case Review.

The court address is 222 E. Javelina Ave., Suite D, Mesa, AZ 85210. The phone number is 602-506-8100, and the court’s business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM. When visiting the West Mesa Justice Court, parking is abundant. Additionally visitors should keep in mind appropriate dress for the court room—no tank tops, shorts, baseball caps, flip flops, or sunglasses.

The judge in the court is Elaissia Sears. In general, Justices of the Peace were never lawyers. These individuals receive their jobs by winning an election, much like a popularity contest, and are given six weeks of training prior to their service. Thinking about this fact in comparison to a doctor, who would want to go to a doctor who only had six weeks of training?

That being said, if you or someone you know was charged with a DUI or a misdemeanor criminal charge and summoned to the West Mesa Justice Court, contact DM Cantor to receive a free consultation. The attorneys will go over your case with you and try to find a way out of the charge. To schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers, please email or call us at (602) 307-0808. Do you have a pending DUI case in the West Mesa Justice Court? Call now to speak with a Mesa DUI Attorney and we’ll get details about your case and let you know our professional opinion.


West Mesa Justice Court

222 E. Javelina Ave, Suite D

Mesa, AZ 85210


Elaissia Sears

Phone Numbers:

Phone: (602) 506-8100

Fax: (602) 506-8110


8am – 5pm Monday – Friday

*Closed on Holidays, Call the Court to confirm

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