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If you received a ticket for DUI or a misdemeanor crime and were told to go to the West McDowell Justice Court, this means you were arrested by the DPS County Sheriff’s Office. If a city cop arrested you they should have sent you to the city court.

In this short video, David Cantor gives a quick review of the West McDowell Justice Court and the presiding judge:

The jurisdictional boundaries of the West McDowell Justice Court are as follows: Glendale Avenue to the north, Lower Buckeye to the south, 27th Avenue to the east and 43rd Avenue to the west. This is not a perfect rectangle. It’s important if you’re cited and told to go to the West McDowell Justice Court that you come and see this office so they can tell you if you were arrested in the correct jurisdiction. If not, you can get the whole case thrown out on a technicality.

The court address of West McDowell Justice Court is located at the Downtown Justice Center at 620 West Jackson in Phoenix, AZ. The parking in front is plentiful; there’s a parking garage and meters. Make sure you dress appropriately – no hats, sunglasses, shorts, or tank tops. When you get there, you’ll find that your judge is Teresa Lopez. Lopez has been a judge since 2018, but what you need to know about most of these JPs (Justices of the Peace) is that they didn’t go to law school. Most won an election or popularity contest and were given six weeks of training and told they could judge people.

So if you were charged with a DUI or misdemeanor crime and told to go to the West McDowell Justice Court, call our offices at (602) 307-0808. We have a 24 hour answer service and 24 hour telephonic contact with a lawyer. We’ll set up an appointment and meet with you. It doesn’t cost anything, but it does take a few minutes. We’ll review your entire case with you and hopefully find a way out of this thing for you. If you prefer, we can be reached via our secure email form.


West McDowell Justice Court

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Teresa Lopez


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