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In this short video, David Cantor reviews the University Lakes Justice Court and the presiding judge:

In the event that you have received a ticket for DUI or any other misdemeanor crime and were told by the arresting officer to go to the University Lakes Justice Court, this means that you were stopped by someone in DPS or someone from the local sheriff’s office. However, if you were stopped by a city cop, then you should have been told to go to the city court.

The jurisdictional boundaries of the University Lakes Justice Court are Continental Drive to the north, Warner Road to the south, Price Road to the east and Mill Ave to the west. The jurisdiction is not a perfect rectangle. There are irregular lines that form the jurisdiction of the area that juts out in areas as well as side to side. If you were charged and told by the officer to go to University Lakes Justice Court , you should make an appointment with DM Cantor . The staff will look at where you were given the ticket to determine if it was in the correct jurisdiction. If it is found that you were not stopped in the right jurisdiction, then the case could be thrown out.

The address for the University Lakes Justice Court location is 201 East Chicago St in Chandler. It is at East Chicago Drive and Delaware. It is located in the San Tan Regional Court Center. There are about four or five court houses there, but you will look for the University Lakes Justice Court. There is plenty of parking, and the parking is free. Dress appropriately for court. Don’t wear tank tops, revealing clothes, shorts, hats and other items that would be disrespectful.

The judge in the court is Tyler Kissell. Justice of the Peace Tyler Kissell was elected to the University Lakes Justice Court in 2014. He chairs the Technology committee for the Maricopa County Justice Courts, working on system-wide improvements for fair justice. If you are told to go to the University Lakes Justice Court, please call our office for a Free Case Review. To schedule a meeting, please email or call us at (602) 307-0808 .


University Lakes Justice Court

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Tyler Kissell

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