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San Marcos Justice Court

San Marcos Justice Court

Arrested in Arizona? Call Today for Help!

The San Marcos Justice Court handles tickets for DUI and Misdemeanors. People that have gotten tickets have been arrested by DPS or the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. People arrested by city law enforcement are processed in city court.

David Cantor explains how the San Marcos Justice Court works and about the Judge:

The jurisdiction boundaries of the San Marcos Justice Court are Elliott Road to the North, Hunt Highway to the South, Gilbert Road to the East and I-10 to the West. These boundaries are not always clear. Anyone arrested by the Sheriff’s office should come into DM Cantor for a free consultation. This consultation will reveal if the case validly falls within the proper jurisdiction boundaries. If the boundary criteria are not met, the case can be tossed out.

The San Marcos Justice Court is located at 201 East Chicago Street, Chandler, Arizona. Or, consider it to be located between Chicago and Delaware Street. The court building is located in the San Tan Regional Court Center, where several courts are located. Look for the San Marcos Justice Court.

For people driving to the court there is plenty of free parking. It is important to wear presentable clothing for the court proceedings. Avoid hats, shorts, tank tops, sunglasses and other casual looking clothing and accessories. Dress professionally.

The presiding judge is Keith Frankel. This judge is considered to be tough. He is state-oriented, which means he often takes the side of the state in judicial matters. It is highly recommended to hire a defense attorney for any dealings with this particular judge.

Most Justices of the Peace (JP) never attended law school. They are not lawyers. They are elected to serve in this capacity. Some view these elections to be a popularity contest. A Justice of the Peace receives a mere six weeks of training.

Contact DM Cantor for a free initial consultation of you have a case in San Marcos Justice Court. One of our attorneys will thoroughly review your case. All possible legal solutions will be considered. Contact us today at (602) 307-0808 or use our secure email form to schedule a time that works for you.


San Marcos Justice Court
201 E Chicago St.
Chandler, AZ     85225

Keith Frankel

Phone Numbers:

Phone: (602) 372-3400
Fax: (602) 372-3468

8am – 5pm Monday – Friday
*Closed on Holidays, Call the Court to confirm

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