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Were you stopped for a DUI or a misdemeanor crime and instructed to appear in McDowell Mountain Justice Court? If so, then you were arrested by either the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, or DPS. However, if you were arrested by a city police officer, then you should have been sent to the city court.

David Cantor explains the McDowell Mountain Justice Court and the Judge:

McDowell Mountain Justice Court’s jurisdiction borders Lone Mountain Road to the north, Thomas Road to the south, Swirl Boulevard to the east and Tatum to the west. When viewed on a map, the boundaries do not construct a precise rectangle. So, if you have been ordered to appear in McDowell Mountain Justice Court, then please contact or come into our office first. By doing so, we’ll be able to confirm your arrest in that jurisdiction. Confirmation is important because not being arrested in that jurisdiction could be your defense, thus causing dismissal of your case.

McDowell Mountain Justice Court is located in the NE Regional Court Center, which is located at 18380 N. 40th Street. That is approximately at the intersection of 40th Street and Union Hills. The NE Regional Court Center consists of 4 court houses. Parking is not a problem. Parking out front is allowed, free and plentiful. Tank tops, shorts, baseball hats and sunglasses are not to be worn! The dress attire is professional.

Michele Reagan is the judge. FYI – the majority of the justices of peace didn’t attend law school. In fact, after being elected by the people and given 6 weeks of training, they are then given approval to start judging people. How ridiculous is that? Could you fathom electing your heart surgeon or cancer doctor in that manner? Just hand him a scalpel after only 6 weeks of training. You would feel very uneasy about that.

In conclusion, if you were instructed to appear in McDowell Mountain Justice Court due to either a DUI or a misdemeanor criminal charge, then pick-up the phone and call us to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is free and it will only take approximately thirty minutes, during which we will thoroughly go over your case with you. Our intentions are to help you extricate yourself out of the situation. Our offices are available 24 hours a day at (602) 307-0808 or by using our secure email form. Do you have a pending DUI case in McDowell Mountain Justice Court? Call us today to speak with a Scottsdale DUI Attorney and get a free case review.


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