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If you are cited for either a DUI or misdemeanor crime, and you are issued a ticket instructing you to go to the Dreamy Draw Justice Court, this means you have been arrested by DPS or the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. If a city officer arrested you, you should have been directed to go to the city court.

Background information on the Dreamy Draw Justice Court and judge:

The jurisdiction boundaries for Dreamy Draw Justice Court are Union Hills Drive to the North, Glendale Avenue to the South, 48th Street to the East and 6th Avenue to the West. The boundary lines do not form a perfect rectangle. There are areas that may not fall within this jurisdiction. That is why it is important to visit Cantor Law Offices to verify the exact location of the citation. If you are cited in the wrong jurisdiction that can be a good defense to have your entire case thrown out.

The Dreamy Draw Justice Court is located in the North East Regional Court Center. The center houses 3 to 4 court buildings. It is located at 18380 North 40th Street. Or, 40th Street and Union Hills.

There is plenty of free parking outside the court building. Show up dressed appropriately for court. Do not wear shorts, sunglasses, hats, tank tops or other such casual clothing. Dress professionally.

The Judge is Frank Conti, Jr. Judge Conti is a lawyer and a Justice of the Peace. Most Justices of the Peace are not lawyers. They are elected to office based on a popularity contest. Judge Conti is defense-oriented, regarding sentencing. He is state-oriented with substantive motions.

If you are charged with DUI or a misdemeanor crime and sent to the Dreamy Draw Justice Court, call (or email) DM Cantor at (602) 307-0808 to set an appointment for a free consultation. A defense attorney will meet with you and go over your case completely to find the best legal solution.


Dreamy Draw Justice Court

18380 N. 40th Street
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Frank Conti Jr.


Phone Numbers:

Phone: (602) 372-7000
Fax: (602) 372-7911



8am – 5pm Monday – Friday
*Closed on Holidays, Call the Court to confirm

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