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REDUCED | THEFT – (Maricopa County Superior Court No. CR2006-177298): Mr. D. was stopped for a minor traffic violation when police found that he had an outstanding traffic warrant. Upon searching him, they found a firearm. When police ran the serial numbers on the gun it came back as stolen. Mr. D. told police he had obtained the gun from his cousin, who was currently in prison for theft and he may have had an idea that the gun could have been stolen. We were able to convince the prosecutors that this was not a true felony, and Mr. D. plead to a misdemeanor with no days in jail. He was initially facing years in prison.

REDUCED | FRAUD SCHEMES/THEFT  – Mr. M was charged with ten counts of Class 2 Felony Fraud Schemes (i.e., Mortgage Fraud).  The State had alleged that Mr. M was a loan officer who issued fraudulent loans to either unknowing adults or minor children which resulted in a total loss of $1,500,000.00.  We ultimately resolved his case with a plea agreement to a single count of Class 4 Felony Forgery, which involved four years of probation, $9,999.99 of restitution (i.e., below $10,000.00, thereby avoiding any deportation issues), and two months of jail with work release.

Maricopa County Superior Court No CR2005-011595

REDUCED | SECURITIES FRAUD / THEFT – Mr. R was a prominent estate planning attorney in Scottsdale who was charged with 103 Felony counts ranging from Sale of Unlicensed Securities, to Fraud Schemes and Theft.  Mr. R was an unwitting partner to a concert promoter who was selling investment contracts with a high rate of return.  Mr. R invested his own money, his family’s money, and assisted in many of his clients investing their money with the promoter.  Eventually, the promoter stole $25,000,000.00 and absconded.  We were able to demonstrate that Mr. R was also a victim, who should not be treated as a co-conspirator (due to the fact that he also lost large sums of money).  Ultimately, his case was resolved with four counts of a Class 6 Open Felony for Solicitation of Sale of Unregistered Securities.  On the day of sentencing the judge designated all 4 felony counts as outright misdemeanors, and placed Mr. R on what became unsupervised probation with a low level of restitution.  No jail time was involved.

Maricopa County Superior Court No CR2008-006750

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