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State v. Mr. R (DMC No 9261)

REDUCED | SECURITIES FRAUD / THEFT – Mr. R was a prominent estate planning attorney in Scottsdale who was charged with 103 Felony counts ranging from Sale of Unlicensed Securities, to Fraud Schemes and Theft.  Mr. R was an unwitting partner to a concert promoter who was selling investment contracts with a high rate of return.  Mr. R invested his own money, his family’s money, and assisted in many of his clients investing their money with the promoter.  Eventually, the promoter stole $25,000,000.00 and absconded.  We were able to demonstrate that Mr. R was also a victim, who should not be treated as a co-conspirator (due to the fact that he also lost large sums of money).  Ultimately, his case was resolved with four counts of a Class 6 Open Felony for Solicitation of Sale of Unregistered Securities.  On the day of sentencing the judge designated all 4 felony counts as outright misdemeanors, and placed Mr. R on what became unsupervised probation with a low level of restitution.  No jail time was involved.

Maricopa County Superior Court No CR2008-006750

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