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Mr. B was a student at Northern Arizona University, and he had several of his dorm mates in his car when he pulled up to Sechrist Hall. Officers made contact and began a dui investigation. After Mr. B was arrested, a small film canister with an amount of marijuana was found inside. He also provided a blood test which revealed a .131 bac.

He was ultimately charged with dui drugs and hired our firm to represent him in the flagstaff justice court. Because mr. B was facing a dui drugs charge, he would have lost his license for 1 full year if he would have been convicted. We were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the dui drugs charge, and instead have mr. B simply pled to a regular alcohol dui with a minimum of 1 day in jail. Originally the prosecutor wanted 5 days in jail, but we presented mitigation evidence, along with mr. B’s school schedule in order to convince the prosecutor to offer the minimum 1 day in jail.

DUI (.103 BAC) DISMISSED – State v. Mr. W. (DMC No. 4436) (Flagstaff City Court CR2003-003654): On Halloween, Mr. W. pulled up to a red light in downtown Flagstaff and an Officer (who was standing there) began talking to him.  The Officer saw through the open window that Mr. W. had an open beer between his legs.  He subsequently had Mr. W. exit the car and began conducting field sobriety tests.  Once he was taken to the police station, he provided a .103 breath test and was booked into jail overnight.  Due to the questionable nature of the stop, combined with the fact that there was no improper driving, we secured a dismissal of the DUI charge.

CONVICTION SET ASIDE | Disorderly Conduct, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Minor in Consumption – (Flagstaff City Court No. 98000505, 97004806 & 9700375): Mr. H. had numerous problems with the law before he was 21 years of age. He was now 30 years old and wished to have his record cleaned up because he was getting his Masters degree in education and was currently a High School teacher. We were able to convince the judge to set aside all of his convictions, thereby allowing him to achieve a higher position with more pay in the teaching industry.

REDUCED | DUI (.107 BAC) (2002004289CR): Mr. A. was stopped by Flagstaff Police for allegedly making a wide turn. He provided a breath test which revealed a .107 BAC. He did extremely well on Field Sobriety Tests. During the jury selection at trial, it became apparent that the jury was being more sympathetic to Defense Counsel than to the Prosecution. At that point our lawyer was able to negotiate a plea to Reckless Driving with zero days in jail.

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