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REDUCED | EXTREME DUI (.150+ BAC) State vs. Mr. M. (DMC No. 9836) (Phoenix City Court No. 4272874): Mr. M. was stopped for drifting over both the left and right side lane dividers.  The officers also claimed that he almost hit another vehicle.  When he was stopped he had an open beer inside of his car and he threw up shortly before being released.  He eventually gave a blood that was above the Extreme DUI level of .150, however we were able to convince the prosecutor that we could potentially be attacking the blood test.  They agreed to give him a Regular DUI with only 1 day in jail instead of 30 days in jail.

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State vs. Mr. R. (DMC No. 9842) (City of Phoenix No. 13795912): Mr. R. was seen pulling out of a Burger King at 68th Street and Thomas and weaving in multiple lanes.  He was followed to 44th Street and Thomas, and waited for traffic to clear slightly.  He then gunned his engine to make a left hand turn and nearly struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk who had to jump backwards.  When officers caught up with Mr. R. at a local motel, he was still behind the wheel of this car with the engine running.  He had a flask of whiskey, and he stated that he was in from California visiting.  Initially, the prosecution was unwilling to reduce down from 30 days in jail with an extreme DUI.  They then came down to a regular DUI with 2 days in jail, and ultimately we were able to convince them to extend a regular DUI with only 1 day in jail.  This occurred because we questioned the officer’s observations and that he allowed Mr. R. to drive for such a long period of time before making contact with him after he had already voluntarily stopped in a motel parking lot.

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EXTREME DUI (.185) REDUCED to REGULAR DUI with 2 DAYS in JAIL – State v. Ms. R. (DMC No. 10079) (Guadalupe City Court TR0020110017): Ms. R. was seen driving without her headlights on Avenida Del Yaqui and Calle Cerritos in Guadalupe, Arizona.  When she was pulled over, the officers detected a strong odor of alcohol and they began a DUI investigation.  Ms. R. was given a breath test which revealed a .185 BAC.  Due to issues regarding the lack of a proper “depravation period”, we were able to convince the Prosecutor to offer a Regular DUI with only 2 days in jail.  Originally, Ms. R. was facing 30 days in jail.

REDUCED | EXTREME DUI (.177 BAC) – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 7182) (Phoenix City Court No. 13382953): A Phoenix Police Officer alleged that Mr. S had made a left-turn in front of another vehicle. Mr. S disputed this, yet he acknowledged having several drinks. He was ultimately arrested and taken to the station where he provided a .177 breath test. Due to the issue regarding whether Mr. S had really cut anyone off, there was a potential No Reasonable Suspicion to Stop motion which could be filed. The Prosecutor relented and offered a Regular DUI with only 2 days in jail.

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REDUCED | EXTREME DUI (.177 BAC) – State v. Mr. N. (DMC No. 7230) (Tempe City Court No. 07-981603): REDUCED to Regular DUI  Police were called because it was alleged that Mr. N drove his vehicle towards a girl’s vehicle. Her fiancé then became upset and the 2 exchanged words. Even though Mr. N stated that he was merely “kidding around”, the 2 men got into a fight. Once police arrived, they arrested Mr. N and took him to the station where he provided a .177 Breath Alcohol Content. Due to various witness issues we were able to convince the Prosecutor to extend an offer to a Regular DUI with 2 days in jail.

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(Tempe Municipal Court No. 06-963577-3CR): The officer claims Mr. S. made numerous wide right turns before stopping in a Taco Bell parking lot. The officer claimed he detected an odor of alcohol and that Mr. S. admitted to drinking a few beers. After he was arrested, he provided a breath test of a .164. Due to the possible issues regarding no reasonable suspicion to stop, we were able to secure a dismissal of the Extreme DUI with an offer to a regular DUI and 2 days in jail instead of 30 days.

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(Cave Creek Municipal Court No. 2006-1085CR): Mr. T. was traveling in his pickup truck on Cave Creek Road when an officer stopped him for allegedly weaving. He was subsequently arrested and provided a blood sample of .162. We were able to negotiate to have the Extreme DUI dismissed, and Mr. T. plead to a regular DUI with involved only 2 days in jail instead of 30.

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SUPER EXTREME DUI (.321 BAC) REDUCED to NON SUPER EXTREME DUI with 3 DAYS of ACTUAL JAIL TIME (BASED on MITIGATION) – State v. Ms. G. (DMC No. 11146) (Paradise Valley City Court 38024): Ms. G. had been battling alcoholism for some time when she had a relapse.  She had driven to her children’s school and was detained by school security in the parking lot.  When police arrived she was no longer operating her vehicle.  She was subsequently arrested for Super Extreme DUI and provided a .321 blood alcohol sample.  Shortly after retaining our Firm, we had Ms. G. enroll in and complete inpatient alcohol abuse counseling.  She also was receiving ongoing outpatient therapy.  Based on the mitigating factors, combined with the fact that she was no longer behind the wheel when the actual police arrived, we secured a plea to a Non Super Extreme DUI which included only 3 days of actual jail time.

REDUCED | EXTREME DUI REDUCED to Regular DUI – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 7229) (Gilbert City Court No. 07-TR-0229DU): Mr. S was observed weaving within his lane when he was stopped by a Phoenix Police Officer in Gilbert who was part of the East Valley DUI Task Force. Mr. S performed fairly well on Field Sobriety Tests, but he was arrested anyway. He subsequently provided a Breath Alcohol Concentration of .162. Due to issues with the breath testing device, coupled with his good performance on Field Sobriety Tests, we were able to secure an offer to Regular DUI and 3 days in jail.

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(Scottsdale Municipal Court No. TR-2007003237CR): Mr. T. was contacted by police after a civilian witness called in claiming he was weaving all over the road. When police arrived, Mr. T. was asleep behind the wheel at a green light. Although Mr. T. provided a BAC reading above the .150+ Extreme DUI limit, we were able to negotiate a plea to a regular DUI for 3 days in jail instead of 30 days.

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