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Not Guilty/Complete Acquittal at Jury Trial – DUI & DWI (.111 BAC) – State v. Ms. H (DMC No. 15700) – Mar 28, 2019 – Chandler City Court (Case No. 18-Z323921):  A civilian witness was traveling along South Tamarron Way in Chandler, Arizona when he saw a vehicle hit a pole after spinning out of control, raising a large cloud of dust.  By the time the civilian witness had come back to the scene, he had found Ms. H’s car empty with the door open.  When Officer Barker of the Chandler Police Department arrived, he interviewed the civilian witness.  The civilian witness did not see who was driving the car, and didn’t even know if the driver was a male or female.

As the Officer was finishing up, a gentleman came back to the scene with Ms. H.  This gentleman was Ms. H’s father.  Both had made statements to the officer that Ms. H was having shifting issues with her car, and that it had spun out of control.  The officer observed signs and symptoms of alcohol consumption, and began questioning Ms. H.  He ultimately arrested her for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and having the car accident.

At trial, the civilian witness testified that he did not see who driving the car.  In addition, the Officer testified that there were no injuries on Ms. H, or any other evidence that it would indicated that she was actually the driver of the car.  In fact, he admitted that the gentleman with her could have been the driver of the car.  Ultimately, all of those statements were suppressed due to lack of “Corpus Delicti”.  The Prosecutor had no further case and, in essence, they were forced to concede that they would lose the trial.  Before the Judge issued a Directive Verdict of Not Guilty, the Prosecutor filed a Motion to Dismiss all charges.  Because the jury had been sworn, double jeopardy attached and these charges are now gone forever in regards to Ms. H.

DISMISSED AT BENCH TRIAL |  ASSAULT State v. Ms. Q (DMC No. 9937) (Chandler City Court No. 10-C-3514831): Ms. Q. was engaged in argument with her husband, when she allegedly grabbed his hands as he was attempting to leave the house. The police were called, and Ms. Q’s husband then stated that he had been scratched on the face and a but in the head then pulled off his shirt. Ms. Q stated this occurred when he pushed her, she reflexively grabbed at his shirt to maintain her balance. Although the State was seeking to convict Ms. Q, this would have affected her nursing license. The case was then set to trial and when the State was unable to proceed with all their evidence, they were forced to move to dismiss all charges.

ORDER of PROTECTION QUASHED at HEARING – State v. Mr. A. (DMC No. 4533) (Chandler City Court 04-C-DV290): Mr. A. was having marital problems with his wife when she filed an Order of Protection.  This forbade him having contact with her or her children.   After receiving a call from the wife, we discussed some options for Mr. A. and she agreed to assist us in quashing the Order or Protection.   The Judge agreed with all parties, and the Order was quashed.

DISMISSED | TRESPASS/ASSAULT – State v. Ms. B.  (DMC No. 5111) (Chandler City Court 04-C-2433841): Ms. B. had been in a dispute with her baby’s father over custody.  When she showed up at his apartment, she was asked to leave.  She then shoved him aside and kneed him in the groin in order to go inside and try to take her child.  Police were called, she was charged with trespass and assault.  We were able to have the case dismissed upon completion of classes per a “diversion” agreement.  This resulted in Ms. B. not being violated per her custody agreement with the Family Law Court.


(Chandler Municipal Court No. 03-C-2181951CR): Mr. A. was involved in an alleged hit and run accident. He was subsequently arrested and provided a .195 blood BAC qualifying him for an Extreme DUI. Due to various identification problems with the case, we were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI charge and simply plead Mr. A. to Leaving the Scene of an Accident with zero days in jail.

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DISMISSED | DUI (.144 BAC) (Chandler Municipal Court No. 01P856220CR): Mr. S. was stopped by Chandler City Police for an alleged DUI. He subsequently provided a .144 blood sample. Because it appeared that officers had stopped him simply because it was late at night and they were “trolling for DUI’s”, we filed a Motion based on No Reasonable Suspicion to Stop. This was reviewed by the City Prosecutor and they dismissed all charges.

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DUI (.107 BAC) REDUCED to SPEEDING/WEAVING TICKET due to IMPROPER LABELED BLOOD VIAL – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 6117) (Chandler City Court 05-C-2666461): Mr. B. was involved in a traffic accident, when officers pulled up and found him standing near his car. He initially denied driving and refused all sobriety tests. He was arrested and provided a .107 blood test. Due to the improperly labeled blood vial, we made an argument that the reading would not be admissible evidence. The Prosecutor agreed, and amended the DUI charge down to a simple “speeding” and “weaving” ticket.

PROBATION VIOLATION DISMISSED/THEFT – State v. Mr. J. (DMC No. 10262) (Chandler City Court 2008-C2997861):  Mr. J. was convicted of theft and sentenced to 1 year of probation along with diversion/dismissal classes.  He failed to complete those classes, and a petition to revoke his probation was issued.  We were able to show that he had been doing “in-patient” drug treatment, along with other counseling classes, and the Judge was convinced to dismiss the petition and to terminate Mr. J.’s probation completely.

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “speeding ticket” – State v. Ms. M. (DMC No. 5885) (Chandler City Court 05-C-2684531): Ms. M. was a juvenile who was driving on a learner’s permit, when a car in front of her stopped abruptly.  She rear-ended the car and both drivers got out and looked at the damage.  They both agreed to pull into a parking lot, and then Ms. M. fled the scene.  We were able to convince the prosecutor that due to Ms. M.’s youth, and the fact that some information may have been exchanged the hit and run should be dismissed in exchange for a speeding ticket.  The prosecutor agreed, and Ms. M. only received a ticket with only a small fine.

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “speeding” ticket – State v. Ms. L. (DMC No. 4805) (Chandler City Court 04-C-2392): Ms. L. had pulled her vehicle into a parking lot and had accidentally struck another vehicle.  She then moved her vehicle and parked it in a different location without contacting the other vehicles owner.  Witnesses got her license plate and she was tracked down at her home.  We were able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge from hit and run down to a civil speeding ticket with only a fine.

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