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Category Archives: 85 Drug Sales/Transportation Pre-Charge Victories

State v. Mr. S (DMC No. 14311) – Felony Money Laundering ($3,000,000 from Drug Sales), Felony RICO/Illegally Conducting an Enterprise, Felony Dangerous Drugs For Sale (Heroin) and Felony Marijuana For Sale – Not Charged – Phoenix Police Department (DR No. 20XX-XXXXXXX0) and Arizona Attorney General Investigated.

The Phoenix Police Department had officers working with the Arizona Financial Crimes Task Force (AZFCTF) who were investigating Money Laundering by various drug cartels. They received a tip from the FBI Gang Unit regarding possible Drug Sales and Money Laundering by a local beauty salon. After conducting surveillance, they ultimately pulled over and arrested a person who had 2.5 pounds of heroin in their possession. There was also copies of money transmitter receipts showing large amounts of money consistently being wired into Mexico. The Detectives received different information that this was all occurring out of a beauty salon in Phoenix. The officers then set up surveillance and observed a man and a woman who would constantly answer a specific telephone and talk for about 15 seconds while writing down information. They would then exchange pieces of paper and information with each other. Officers spoke with a customer service agent of OMNEX – the company that services wire transfers in and out of Mexico. The company which actually fulfills the completion of the transaction in and out of Mexico is GIROMEX money transfer services. That service agent was interviewed, and they were able to confirm that it appeared the calls were coming from two separate people who were constantly wiring money into Mexico.

A raid was then executed on the business and a male and female stylist inside the salon were arrested. It turned out they were brother and sister, and there was also an owner, who was arrested, who was also present in the salon. The owner was questioned and admitted that she would receive a list of fictitious names and would create the money transfers which were all sent to Mexico. She also confirmed that the funds were derived from heroin sales. It was estimated that approximately $4 million had been run through the salon.

After the arrests, we were retained by Mr. S (the male hair stylist) in order to see if we could keep him from being charged with any crimes. The owner of the hair salon pled guilty and was sentenced to prison. The other female hair stylist was deported. We were able to work with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to show them that they could not make a case against Mr. S based upon “opinion” that his voice was the person on the phone who constantly called and made wire transfers. Because they had deported his sister to Mexico, they had lost the only other direct witness who could positively confirm Mr. S. as the person making the wire transfers. Ultimately, the Attorney General sent the case back to Detectives to see if they could gather more information. No more information could be found regarding Mr. S’s involvement, and he was never charged with any crimes.

State v. Mr. L (DMC No. 14773) – Felony Illegal Control of an Enterprise (RICO), Felony Money Laundering and Felony Possession of Marijuana for Sale – Not Charged – Scottsdale Police Department Investigated (DR No. 20XX-XXXXXX9).

Mr. L was an independent contractor who was working to sell e-tickets for various sporting and entertainment events.  He worked out of a side office for the owner who also owned a mail and parcel express service. While he was working there selling event tickets, he learned that the owner was running a business known as Arizona Cancer Center. Basically, he would take “donations” of $250 in exchange for an ounce of marijuana.

This owner of Arizona Cancer Center was not licensed with the Dispensary Department/Medical Marijuana Program with the Arizona Department of Heath Services. At some point, the office was raided by Scottsdale PD and HEAT (High Enforcement Arrest Team). All of Mr. L’s computers and e-ticket company information was seized.

We became involved and we immediately contacted the Scottsdale Police Department. We were able to show that Mr. L had no involvement with the co-conspirators. All people involved were being investigated for Illegal Control of an Enterprise (RICO), per A.R.S. 13-2312A; Conspiracy, per A.R.S. 1003A; Possession of Marijuana for Sale, per A.R.S. 13-3405(a)(4); and Money Laundering, per A.R.S. 13-2317. We explained that Mr. L was an independent contractor who never sold any marijuana, and never received any money for the co-defendants selling of marijuana. In addition, we were able to show the authorities that he was a witness, not a co-conspirator. Although, all of the other members of the conspiracy were charged, Mr. L was never charged with any crimes, and has no felony record.

U.S. v. Mr. S (DMC No. 14784) – Federal Money Laundering ($50,000), Federal Bank and Wire Fraud, Federal Arms Trafficking (AK/AR-47s and 50-Caliber Rifles) and Felony Drug Trafficking (Meth, Marijuana) – Not Charged Due to Cooperation Agreement – Pinal County Attorney’s Office, US Attorney’s Office and ATF Investigated.

Mr. S had a female friend who asked to deposit some money into his bank accounts. He agreed and gave her his bank account numbers. Later on, she was contacted by a Pinal County attorney and she was questioned about the deposits. She said that she “sells cars” and that she would share the money with Mr. S. This turned out to be a lie. About one week later, the bank account of Mr. S was frozen, and he received a Forfeiture letter. Approximately $50,000 was deposited into his accounts over an 8-month timeframe.

Additionally, Mr. S had a male friend who would deposit money into the female friend’s account, who would then deposit it into Mr. S’ account. Every time Mr. S then returned an amount of $5,000 to the male friend, Mr. S would receive a $100 payment. It turned out that the male friend was selling drugs and was also running guns into Mexico for various organizations.

Once we became involved, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office had also brought the U.S. Attorney’s Office into the case. An Agent with the ATF also became involved, and we were able to negotiate a cooperation deal which would keep Mr. S from being charged with any crime. The US Attorney’s Office provided a Kastigar Letter and a Proffer Agreement. During the course of cooperation, Mr. S introduced undercover agents to various characters who were selling methamphetamine and guns. Ultimately, people were arrested and Mr. S was never charged with any crimes. In addition, we were able to stop any Forfeiture proceedings regarding the house owned by Mr. S by the Pinal County Attorney’s Office. Originally, Mr. S was facing decades in prison if he were to be convicted of all charges. Ultimately, he has no criminal record whatsoever.

NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION of MARIJUANA FOR SALE (516 pounds) NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 10348) (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Investigated): Mr. B. leased a house in Goodyear Arizona, and had moved back to California.  His business partner was utilizing the house for the subsequent 6 months, and a search warrant was executed on the property, in which 516 pounds of marijuana was found.  The police wanted to talk to Mr. B., and we were able to inform them that he had no knowledge of the marijuana or any drug activity which had been going on at that house.  Due to our efforts, no charges were filed.


NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION of MARIJUANA FOR SALE (1 pound) NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. H. (DMC No. 10335) (Chandler Police Department Investigated): Ms. H. was parked with several friends in an apartment complex, when an officer pulled up and made contact with him.  The officer immediately smelled the odor of marijuana, and removed everyone from the vehicle.  Mr. H. was found to have over a pound of marijuana in his possession which had been individually wrapped in baggies for sale.  He was a juvenile at the time, and the police were going to transfer his case to adult court in order to charge him with a class 2 “possession for sale”.  We were able to work out a cooperation deal, and no charges were ever brought against Mr. H.  He has no convictions on his record.


NOT CHARGED | DANGEROUS DRUGS FOR SALE (methamphetamine) NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 2195) (DEA Investigated): Mr. S. and his wife had both been arrested and charged previously for possession of methamphetamine.  Sometime later, his house was raided and more methamphetamine was found, along with drug paraphernalia.  We were able to work with the DEA and secure a confidential source agreement which resulted in no charges being filed against Mr. S.  He has since become drug free and has not had any issues with the police.


NOT CHARGED | FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION of  DRUGS FOR SALE/CONSPIRACY NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 6762) (DEA Investigated): Mr. S. was in a fraternity and he drove with a fraternity brother towards L.A.  He was stopped in Arizona, and a quarter pound of marijuana, cocaine, and 200 pills of ecstasy were found in the vehicle.   His fraternity brother was taken into jail, and Mr. S. was released.  We were able to enter into cooperation deal with the DEA Investigator and no charges were ever brought against Mr. S.

NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA & POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS DRUGS FOR SALE – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 7086): A search warrant was served on a house that Mr. B. shared with several individuals. In that house they found 8 bales of marijuana, 18 grams of methamphetamine, $37,000 in cash, and numerous guns. We were able to convince the police and prosecutors that although he was present at the house during the search, he was unaware of any of these items inside the house. All other residents were indicted for crimes except for Mr. B. He was facing potential years in prison.

NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION OF COCAINE FOR SALE – Federal U.S. District Court of Arizona v. Mr. R. (DMC No. 1084): Mr. R. was caught with several “8-balls” of cocaine. We met with Detectives in order to get a cooperation deal. Mr. R. had made over 100 buys of “8-balls” of cocaine from California. Due to his cooperation, no charges were filed and his arrest record was sealed.

NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS DRUGS FOR SALE – State v. Ms. B., Federal U.S. District Court of Arizona (DMC No. 1069): Ms. B. came to us having already secured a cooperation deal with Detectives. The Detectives claimed she wasn’t living up to her end of the deal, and they were going to have the U.S. Attorney charge her. We then negotiated with the Detectives and the U.S. Attorney’s Office and got an agreement that she had satisfied her contract and would not be charged. No charges were filed and her arrest record was sealed.

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