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State v. Mr. H (DMC No. 10335)

NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION of MARIJUANA FOR SALE (1 pound) NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. H. (DMC No. 10335) (Chandler Police Department Investigated): Ms. H. was parked with several friends in an apartment complex, when an officer pulled up and made contact with him.  The officer immediately smelled the odor of marijuana, and removed everyone from the vehicle.  Mr. H. was found to have over a pound of marijuana in his possession which had been individually wrapped in baggies for sale.  He was a juvenile at the time, and the police were going to transfer his case to adult court in order to charge him with a class 2 “possession for sale”.  We were able to work out a cooperation deal, and no charges were ever brought against Mr. H.  He has no convictions on his record.


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