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A Brief History of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Actos® Takeda Pharmaceuticals has a long, rich history that goes back hundreds of years but its history of lawsuits is happening right now. All in all, this is why Daviagra overnight dangerous products medical attorneys legal firms and lawyers have been active as of late with various complaints concerning Depakote, Actos, Plavix, Topamax and the like. Takeda…read more →

Driving Tips for Newbies

Cheers to you for obtaining a driver’s license, because this is the beginning to many epic journeys. An independent mode of transportation feels thrilling, but it can make you nervous as well. Keep in mind that your license is merely the ticket to legally drive around; it signifies that you can drive, but does not guarantee that you are an…read more →

What drives a person to Violence?

Every human being has the tendency to get angry and frustrated, but most of us are capable of self-control or simply wired to respect our boundaries. Every other day we hear of tantalizing stories in the news; a father kills his child, an ex-lover executes an acid attack, a teacher harasses his/her student, and so on. A lot of us…read more →

How to Remove a DUI off My Record ARS 13-907

When you are arrested or convicted of drunk driving, resulting criminal charges can heavily affect your daily life. You may lose your job, struggle to find a new position, get expelled from college and even suffer credit problems. Your insurance is likely to cost more. Also, if you are in politics or hold other positions scrutinized by the public, you…read more →

Charged for DUI Drugs as a Medical Marijuana Card Holder in Arizona

Even though recreational possession and use of marijuana remains illegal in Arizona, it has been legalized in the neighboring states of California, Nevada, and Colorado. The possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes in Arizona is perfectly legal though for patients who qualify and are approved for it. What comes to issue for medical marijuana patients are Arizona’s impaired…read more →

Charged with Possession of Another Person’s Prescription Drug

Drug possession charges often carry stiff penalties. Even being in possession of another person’s prescription drugs can result in felony charges. In Arizona, the penalty for drug possession depends on the type and amount of the drug found on a person as well as the individuals past criminal history. An experienced criminal defense attorney can mount several defenses to Below…read more →

What are some Causes of False Positives for DUI Breathalyzer Tests

We have all been there with that unsettling feeling that you get when you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror and hear a patrol car’s siren coming upon you. However, what happens next can be life changing. If that officer asks you to take a breathalyzer test, the results can have a monumental effect on your life, liberty…read more →

Penalties for Hit and Run Charges in The State of Arizona

Automobile accidents can be traumatizing, stressful and expensive. In Arizona, when an accident is caused and either the party responsible or not responsible has left the scene of where the accident happened, that is called “fleeing the scene of an accident”, or more popularly known as a “hit and run” or ARS 28-662. Even if the vehicle that was struck…read more →

What are Fraudulent Schemes in Arizona?

In the Phoenix area or anywhere else in the state of Arizona, as per A.R.S. §13-2310, the crime of fraudulent schemes is committed when an individual creates a scheme or artifice to defraud, which involves the attempt to defraud knowingly and when they receive a benefit as a result. A scheme or artifice to defraud means that a person intended…read more →

What Happens if I Violate my Bail Conditions?

If you’re arrested for a crime in Arizona, you will likely be given a bond by the judge in your case. When you receive this bond, you’ll have to abide by several “bail conditions.” What are these bond conditions? They’re particular to every case, but in most instances, they will be based on special factors related to your crime. If…read more →

Is Caught “Sexting” a Sex Crime in Arizona?

The popularity of sexting continues to increase amongst the adult population in the United States. According to CBS News, a research project was conducted at Drexel University with U.S. adult residents between the ages of 18 and 82. Of the 870 participants, 88% admitted to sexting once, and 82% admitted to sexting within the past year. While this study proves…read more →

Arizona DUI Defense – Blood Test Inaccuracies for 2020

How to Defend against a DUI Charge in Arizona:  5 Ways Blood Tests Can Be Inaccurate In Arizona, drivers may be charged with a DUI if their blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher. Blood tests are widely accepted as being the most accurate way of determining blood alcohol concentration in drivers suspected of DUIs and are often the only…read more →

Can you get a DUI on a Horse or Bicycle?

David Cantor explains if you can get a DUI on a bike in Arizona in this short video: If you have a question for a lawyer please call 602-307-0808 24/7 or click here to fill out our contact form. A lot of people think that DUI arrests and charges are only made for people who are driving under the influence in…read more →

What is a DUI with Drugs in Arizona?

There has been a large increase of DUI for drug cases over the last decade in the State of Arizona. Even if you aren’t under the influence of alcohol while operating your vehicle, you can still be charged with a DUI (Driving under the influence) if you are under the influence of drugs or controlled substances. If you’re convicted of…read more →

What is Unlawful Imprisonment in Arizona?

Unlawful Imprisonment is a felony offense in which a person restrains another person temporarily. Though a serious felony, an unlawful imprisonment charge does not mean the offender possessed malice in detaining the victim. In kidnapping cases, the offender knowingly, and with some degree of malice, detains another. Kidnappers also mean to hold their victim captive for a relatively long duration….read more →

How to Post Bail at Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, Arizona

Many people wonder how the bail bond process works at the Maricopa County Jail (also known as 4th Avenue Jail or Madison Street Jail) in Phoenix. To summarize, a judge uses a matrix form to determine how to best proceed in the matter of bail for an individual alleged offender. The offender’s matrix form takes individual court history into account and…read more →

How Does a DUI Affect Your CDL in Arizona?

Receiving a conviction for DUI (driving under the influence) in Arizona can present significant problems for the defendant with a CDL. It is not necessary to be operating a commercial vehicle for a conviction to impact the commercial license status because any general driving privilege suspension period will include a suspension for the commercial driver’s license as well. The damage…read more →

Statute of Limitations for Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona

In Arizona, many DUI offenses are classified as misdemeanors. Although the jail time and fines associated with different types of DUIs can vary based on whether it is a first or second offense and depending upon how high the blood alcohol level was, the statute of limitations in Arizona for misdemeanor DUIs remains the same. Are you looking for the…read more →

Second Offense Misdemeanor DUI Penalties in Arizona

Before you can be charged with a second DUI offense in Arizona, you must have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of .08 to .149 and have a previous DUI conviction on your record. Arizona has a look-back period of seven years after the first DUI conviction. That means your first conviction will remain on your record for seven years. If…read more →

Why Doesn’t Arizona Offer DUI Diversion Programs for First Offenders?

Prosecutor’s offices around the country are beginning to come around concept that first-time DUI offenders shouldn’t be saddled with a lifetime criminal conviction. That notion, in addition to the fiscal reality of bloated overtime budgets of police departments, has spawned DUI diversion programs. DUI diversion programs are offered because prosecutors and courts realize that sometimes a DUI is a mistake….read more →

Statute of Limitations for Felony DUI in Arizona

Driving under the influence (DUI), is a very serious offense with serious consequences in the State of Arizona. If you are charged with a DUI in Arizona, especially if the charge is a felony, you should hire an experienced attorney who knows the law to handle the matter for you. What is a felony DUI in Arizona? In Arizona, you…read more →

Second Offense Misdemeanor Extreme DUI Penalties in Arizona

A 2nd Offense Misdemeanor Extreme DUI in Arizona is any DUI in which the blood alcohol level content is .150+ to .199. It is a second offense Extreme DUI if the individual has a prior DUI offense of any kind within the last seven years, and the current DUI is extreme. The individual does not necessarily need to have a…read more →

Aggravated DUI with Child in Car – Arizona DUI

A DUI with a child in the car is referred to as “Aggravated DUI with Kid in Car”. This is a felony charge and carries more severe penalties than a typical misdemeanor DUI charge in Arizona. In this short video, David Cantor explains what an Aggravated DUI with Kids in the Car means: If you are stopped for a DUI…read more →

Third Offense Extreme DUI Penalties Arizona

An extreme DUI is any time when your blood alcohol content is .150+ to .199. A third offense means you have two prior DUI convictions within the previous seven years, and those other DUIs do not have to be extreme DUIs; they can be any DUI conviction within the past seven years. Looking for the penalties for 1st Offense Extreme…read more →

Arizona Wrong Way Drivers – Causes, Possible Charges & Defenses

In Arizona, one of the most dangerous types of accidents that may occur is a wrong-way crash. People who are involved in head-on collisions with drivers who are driving the wrong way are much likelier to suffer catastrophic injuries or to die. Drivers who drive the wrong-way may do so for a number of different reasons. If they are under…read more →

Set Aside Criminal Conviction in Arizona – How it Helps and Who Qualifies

Arizonans who have criminal records may have to contend with many obstacles when they are looking for jobs or housing. While many states offer the ability to expunge criminal records, Arizona does not have an expungement statute. Instead, it has a different process that people might undergo to attain post-conviction relief from their prior convictions. This process is known as Restoration…read more →

Arizona’s Open Container Laws, Questions and Answers

While most drivers in Arizona know that they cannot drink and drive, some might be unaware that they also are prohibited from having open containers of alcohol in their vehicles. If you are stopped by the police and have an open container of alcohol in your vehicle, you can be charged with violating the state’s prohibition against having an open…read more →

Guide to the 5 Jails in Maricopa County, Arizona

In Maricopa County, Arizona, there is not one single Maricopa County Jail. Instead, the Maricopa County Jail consists of five different jails at various locations throughout the county. Each of the jails that make up the Maricopa County Jail system is operated by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. People who are arrested in the county are sent to one of…read more →

The Dangers of File Sharing and Peer to Peer Networks

File sharing has been a big part of the counter-culture of legal and illegal music and movie downloads in the United States. Many file sharing programs that allowed the free flow of copyrighted files like Limewire, Napster, Bearshare, Frostwire, and the like have long been shut down by the U.S. Government (or switched their business models), but new software springs…read more →

What are the Types of Arizona Felony Classes

Felony Class Types in Arizona There are six levels of felony classes in Arizona. Each class has its own guidelines for punishment if convicted. When looking at sentencing, the law presumes that everyone will start at the presumptive sentence however, this sentence can be increased or decreased if mitigating or aggravating factors are found by the Judge or jury. The…read more →

What Are the Differences Between Jail and Prison in Arizona?

Many people use the terms “jail” and “prison” synonymously. But these two types of facilities have some distinct differences, as much as they have much in common. When you are facing charges that may lead to prison time, or when you are put in jail for an offense, having the right lawyer on your side can mean the difference between…read more →

When Does Possession of Marijuana Become Intent to Sell?

Conviction of possession of marijuana or intent to sell charges lead to serious punishment in Arizona. Under state law, “marijuana” refers to any or all parts of the cannabis plant from which the resin has not been extracted. The plant may be growing, dead, or just in the form of unsterilized seeds capable of germination. Police and prosecutors work closely…read more →

What is the Admin Per Se, Implied Consent Form?

When a driver in Arizona is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), that driver is provided with an Administrative Per Se Implied Consent Affidavit. Also know as the “Admin Per Se Form”, this Affidavit is a combination of Arizona DUI laws pertaining to ARS 28-1321 and ARS 28-1385 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The Admin Per Se Implied Consent…read more →

In Arizona, What Is “No Actual Physical Control”

A conviction of a DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the state of Arizona, is reliant on proof that you were actually driving the vehicle while intoxicated. Where things become a bit “gray” is under the term of “no actual physical control”. No actual physical control is a confusing concept to many drivers in the state….read more →

False DUI Breathalyzer Results from Foreign Substances

When you are suspected of DUI and administered a breathalyzer test, there are a multitude of substances that can affect your test results. Even if you have not been drinking alcohol, you can still be arrested if your breathalyzer test registers over the national legal limit of 0.08 percent for blood alcohol content (BAC). When a proper defense is needed…read more →

Does having a DUI affect getting hired?

  Finding a job in today’s economy can be tough. Although that is a difficult task on its own for the best of candidates, adding an Arizona DUI conviction to your record can make a job search even more problematic. At best, you may find yourself embarrassed about your poor decision-making that led to DUI charges. At worst, you may…read more →

Can I make payments on DUI fines in Arizona?

When you are convicted of DUI in Arizona or any other criminal charges, it is critical that you pay the court fines and fees on time. By not paying these or meeting the requirements of any payment arrangements, you can be required to serve jail time and may suffer even greater expense due to interest charges and other added fees….read more →

Dealing with a Forfeiture in Arizona

As unfair as it may sound, the government can confiscate property under criminal forfeiture or civil forfeiture. Civil forfeiture is to seize property used in criminal activity, although charges have not been filed. When civil forfeiture is executed, the property owner loses all right, title and interest in the property to the government. Property that can be confiscated under these rules…read more →

Understanding the Meaning of Loss of Consortium

When a person has been seriously injured, their life changes in many ways. How they live, what they can do, how they interact with their spouse and family, even what they can do for entertainment. While most people understand that part of a compensation lawsuit is to help the injured party recover from these losses, they do not realize how…read more →

Arizona Laws for Legally Cultivating Marijuana

You might think that because Arizona and Colorado are neighbors, that Arizona might adopt the same laws as Colorado when it comes to marijuana. However, this is not the case. Arizona has some of the strictest laws in the country. In November of 2016, there was a measure that would have legalized marijuana. It was called Proposition 205. It failed…read more →

How Long Can I Be Held in Custody by Law Enforcement?

In most cases, someone who is arrested will be taken into custody by law enforcement, processed into jail and then be formally charged with a crime before a judge during an arraignment hearing; but what happens if no formal charges are filed? Can the police hold you behind bars until they feel like taking action? How long do you have…read more →

What is Considered Aggravated Assault in Arizona?

A person may be charged with aggravated assault in Arizona if they have an altercation with another person. If you or a loved one has been charged with this crime or you’re concerned about being charged and you want to know more, you may find the following information helpful. You need to learn what assault means, how aggravated assault differs…read more →

What is Reasonable Suspicion to Search My Car?

If a police officer has pulled you over and searched your car, you may have had questions about what your rights are and what the police are allowed to do. What do police officers need to pull me over? Can they search my car even if I haven’t committed a crime? What do I need to know to protect myself?…read more →

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