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Facebook Murder for Hire

Today David Michael Cantor, a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney, discusses a case in Philadelphia where a woman used Facebook to solicit a ‘hit’ on her baby’s daddy. By itself the story is unremarkable except that it happened on the popular social networking website. The problem is that hours after their arraignment the baby daddy was shot and killed.
David does not think the prosecution will be able to link the events based on the current evidence, but he does point out that the sentences will be much harsher now.
What do you think?

From the Los Angeles Times:

A cautionary tale of Internet oversharing has emerged from Philadelphia, where London Eley and Timothy Bynum landed in jail for discussing on Facebook a plot to kill the father of Eley’s baby.

Eley’s attorneys insist that she was only venting on the social-networking site about her ex-boyfriend, Corey White, when she wrote on her Facebook page: “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.” A stack is slang for $1,000.

Bynum’s attorneys said he had no intention of killing White when he allegedly responded to the post with, “Say no more … what he look like … where he be at … need that stack 1st.”

On Monday, a Philadelphia judge upheld charges of murder solicitation against Eley and murder conspiracy against Bynum, both of whom have been in custody since their June arrests.

Hours later, White was shot to death, the Associated Press reported.

But is it a conspiracy? Or a coincidence?

Police must sift through several theories on his killing, including whether it was related to the Facebook exchange or was retaliation for a July nightclub shooting.

Detectives in nearby Upper Darby had heard that White may have been the getaway driver at a nightclub shooting there and wanted to question him, Upper Darby Police Supt. Michael Chitwood told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Philadelphia police think the man who shot White had carjacked a vehicle in Upper Darby and drove to White’s neighborhood. One or two of the men in the car then argued with White before he was shot in the chest.

Defense attorney Gerald Stein, who represents Eley, said he understood the speculation about his client. “The hearing being yesterday and then, boom, the guy’s dead a couple of hours later?” he said. But he noted that his client had an ironclad alibi: She was in jail.

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