Drug Crime Victories

“Victories” Definition: DM Cantor defines a “Victory” as a Complete Acquittal at Jury/Bench Trial; cases -Dismissed after they were set for Jury/Bench Trial; cases Dismissed prior to being set for Jury/Bench Trial; Convictions Reversed on Appeal; Convictions Set Aside; Pre-Charge/Pre-Indictment cases where DM Cantor Prevented Charges from being filed; a Partial Acquittal at Jury/Bench Trial; cases in which Charges were Substantially Reduced; Professional Board & Title 9 Representation in which charges were Declined, Dismissed or Substantially Reduced; and, cases where Prison/Jail exposure or Civil Repercussions were Substantially Reduced.
Below is only a sampling of our Victories and not a complete list. Click on any of the buttons to view the type of charge and individual case results.

Disclaimer – Results depend upon factors unique to each case and that results in one case do not predict similar results in others

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