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State v. Ms. C (DMC 15753)

State v. Ms. C (DMC 15753) – (2 Counts) Felony Armed Robbery (with Gun) – Reduced to Probation With 180 Days in Jail – Maricopa County Superior Court (Case No. CR2018-133626):  Ms. C was with her boyfriend, who had told her to pull the car over and stop behind a local GameStop store.  Her boyfriend went into the store, and a short time later ran out and got into Ms. C’s vehicle.  They both then drove away, before stopping so that her boyfriend could count money that he had just stolen from the GameStop.  The Police then surrounded them after they began driving, and Ms. C was taken into custody without incident.

Ms. C was ultimately charged with Armed Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon.  Due to the Maricopa County Attorneys Office harsh position on gun crimes, she initially was facing over a decade in prison.  We were able to show that Ms. C’s boyfriend was a drug addict, and that she was not a drug user, and that she may not have realized he was going inside to rob the GameStop.  Ultimately, the case was reduced to Probation and she was required to do 180 days in jail.  She has now gone on to be successful with Probation and is leading a very productive life.

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