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State v. Mr. T (DMC 15609)

State v. Mr. T (DMC 15609) – Felony Sexual Assault (DCAC:  72-year old adult/11-year old minor), Felony Sexual Abuse, Felony Vulnerable Adult Abuse, and Felony Burglary – Not Charged – Pinal County Sheriff’s Office investigated (DR No. 20XX-XXXXXXX8):

Mr. T was a 72-year old man that was a neighbor of the alleged victim, an 11-year old girl with various mental deficiencies.  He went over to the victim’s house to borrow some hedge clippers from her father, and he would also be very nice to the neighbor girl over the course of time.  At some point, the neighbor girl alleged that she was being Sexually Abused by Mr. T.  Mr. T denied all allegations.

He was subsequently arrested and brought in for questioning.  Eventually, Mr. T was booked into custody and seen by a Pinal County Superior Court judge.  We then became involved and all charges were “scratched” until a full investigation could be conducted.  We then began our discussions with the Detectives in the case.  We informed them that Mr. T had since passed a polygraph, and also had medical limitations which would make most of the allegations impossible.  In addition, we interviewed other neighbors who had information that the girl had been looking at pornography on the internet.  Lastly, we insisted that DNA be tested on all items of clothing that the alleged victim claimed were involved.  After no DNA involving Mr. T was found, we convinced the Prosecutor to not re-file any of the charges.  Originally, Mr. T was facing life in prison if he were charged and convicted on any of these crimes.

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