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State v. Mr. G (DMC 15347)

State v. Mr. G (DMC 15347) – Felony Securities Fraud ($120,000) – Fugitive of Justice Warrant Dismissed – Maricopa County Superior Court (Case No. CR2018-003632): Mr. G had been investigated by the Alabama Securities Commission for allegedly conspiring with another subject from California in order to refer prospective investors to purchase oil and gas wells. The alleged victim had invested $120,000 into the “security,” and the wells turned out to be dry. That money had not been refunded and the authorities in Alabama issued a Fugitive of Justice warrant to arrest Mr. G.
We became involved in the case in order to handle the Extradition issues related to Arizona and Alabama. Through negotiations with the authorities in Alabama and with co-counsel who was located in Alabama, we were able to have the Arizona warrant Dismissed in exchange for a promise to appear in Alabama. The case was ultimately successfully concluded by co-counsel in Alabama.

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