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State v. Mr. B (DMC 15596)

State v. Mr. B (DMC 15596) – Felony Sexual Assault (47-year old adult/15-year old minor) and Felony Sexual Conduct with a Minor (Not Charged) – Maricopa County Attorney’s Office “Turned Down,” Glendale Police Department investigated (DR No. 20XX-XXXX1):

Mr. B and his wife had adopted two daughters from a young age, who both attended Basha High School.  At some point, one of the daughters told a friend that her mom hits her and her dad raped her.  The friend then told the school Resource Officer and contact was made with the alleged victim.  After she gave her statement, the Officers then were interviewing her sister.  While the interview was going on, they saw that the alleged victim was sending Facebook messages, trying to coach the sister on what to say.

The sister stated that there had never been any abuse, and that her other sister, the alleged victim, would often make things up.  DCS was called in, and several days later both sisters were interviewed again.  This time, the second sister began to claim that she was being molested by the father.  We became involved and we had Mr. B take a polygraph.  We submitted this polygraph report (in which he passed) along with various Facebook messages showing that the two daughters had concocted this story because they were upset with their strict household rules.  We were also able to show some of the adoption records to the Detective, which showed that both daughters had rough childhoods prior to being adopted.  Ultimately, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office “Turned Down” the prosecution, and that successfully ended the case.  Originally, Mr. B could have spent decades in prison if he were convicted on these allegations.

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