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Tempe DUI Court and Judges

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Tempe DUI | Tempe City Court Building

Getting pulled over for a DUI in Tempe, Arizona is a stressful situation to say the least. Once you are charged with a DUI in Tempe you will have to go to the Tempe City Court. This page has been created to help you understand more about the Tempe DUI Court Judges and what to expect as your case progresses. DM Cantor are well versed with the Tempe DUI Court Judges and have the victories to prove it.

Who are the Tempe DUI Court Judges?

The first thing you need to know about Tempe DUI Court Judges is who they are. David Michael Cantor has created a short video talking about each of the current Tempe DUI Court Judges. David has had extensive experience working with each of these judges and can give you some invaluable insights into how they operate their courts:

Tempe DUI Court Judges:

  1. Mary Jo T Barsetti
  2. Tom Robinson
  3. MaryAnne Majestic

What should I wear to Tempe DUI Court?

The human eye collects the most sensory information over any of our senses. How you look in court will directly affect how the judge treats you. It is important that when you go to the Tempe DUI court for any hearing you dress respectfully. This means no shorts, no hats, and a shirt with a collar. You do not have to wear a suit and tie but your clothing should show respect for the court and the people who work there. Do you want to go to jail because you had to wear your lucky baseball cap?

Where is Tempe DUI Court?

Tempe DUI Court is located at 140 East 5th Street Tempe, AZ 85281 on 5th Street just east of Mill Avenue. There is a parking lot to the south of the courthouse. Be sure to park in the parking lot as Tempe has strict towing practices and your car will be towed if you park it in a no parking zone. It is important that you arrive early to any court hearing. If you are late for your hearing the judge will most certainly take note and it will not be in your favor. As a safe rule plan on arriving at the court 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This will also help you find out exactly where you need to go in the building and give you a few minutes to use the restroom or get some water.

You can call the Tempe DUI Court at (480) 350-8271 if you have any questions about your hearing or how to find them.

Get Strong Legal Representation

We recommend that you seek and retain knowledgeable and experienced legal representation for your Tempe DUI case. The laws in Arizona are the most strict and severe in the country. Can you afford to spend 30 days in jail? Can you afford to lose your license for a year?

DM Cantor attorneys are DUI and Criminal Law Specialists with over 3,000 DUI victories posted on our website. Have a look and see that these are all real cases with real defendants that we were able to help.

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