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State v. Mr. T (DMC No. 9738)

REDUCED (ALL) | 2 COUNTS of FRAUD SCHEMES ($1.5 million dollars)/8 COUNTS of THEFT and 1 COUNT CONSPIRACY all REDUCED to SOLICITATION with PROBATION and ZERO DAYS JAIL – State v. Mr. T. (DMC No. 9738) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2009-007971): Mr. T. and co-defendants developed a condominium resort in Rocky Point, Mexico by the name of “The Pointe”.  They began selling the condominiums in Arizona without the proper Arizona Department of Real Estate disclaimer.  After they collected approximately $1.8 million dollars, they could not secure financing to finish the project.  Approximately $1.5 million dollars of that money was spent and could not be recovered.  We were able to show the Prosecutor and the court that there was no real criminal intent on Mr. T.’s part, and that he was making great strides to pay back the restitution.  He was ultimately only given a single count of “solicitation of theft” with probation and zero day’s jail.  The co-defendants were not as lucky.


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