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State v. Mr. S (DMC No. 8299)

FELONY TRESPASS DISMISSED- State v. Mr. S (DMC No. 8299) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2008-114888): Mr. S was employed at a designer of a high end furniture store. He arrived at a client’s house in order to take measurements in her kitchen. According to the alleged victim, she stated that all of a sudden Mr. S had a “blank stare” on his face and then he “began yelling” at her to get out of the house. She left and called Police. We were able to show the Prosecutor Mr. S medical records, in which he had been diagnosed with Epilepsy and a Petit Mal Seizures. We also showed the Prosecutor that the alleged victim was the one who pushed the charges to be filed 3 months after the incident. She also secured an attorney and was seeking $50,000 in damages. Based on all of this, the Prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges.

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