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State v. Mr. P (DMC No. 5012)

REDUCED (ALL) | THEFT ($160, 000)/BURGLARY (with prior) and CRIMINAL DAMAGE all REDUCED from 7 YEAR PRISON offer to 2.5 YEARS “soft” – State v. Mr. P. (DMC No. 5012) (Coconino County Superior Court CR04-0292): Mr. P. was accused of breaking into numerous County buildings along with several co-defendants and stealing $160,000 worth of computer equipment and other property.  Because he had a prior conviction, he was facing decades in prison.  With his previous attorney, he was being asked to plead to 7 years in prison.  When we took over the case, we were able to demonstrate mitigating factors (along with flaws in the case), and secure a 2.5 year “soft” offer.  Mr. P. only served 22 months in custody.


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