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State v. Mr. D (DMC No.)

REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR | Felony Criminal Damage, State v. Mr. D. (Maricopa County Juvenile Court): Mr. D. was charged with felony criminal damage and felony disorderly conduct arising from a family altercation. Mr. D. came in past his curfew, and his mother’s boyfriend (who had been drinking) got into an argument with Mr. D. Mr. D. then locked himself in a room and the mother’s boyfriend pried the door open and poured soda over his head and body. Mr. D. then became very upset, damaged the walls, pool table, and the windshield of his mother’s car. We were able to convince the prosecutor he was operating under self-defense and duress, in addition to being provoked. They agreed, and reduced his charges to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct with no days in jail.

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