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AZ Board of Education v. Mr. F (DMC No. 12888)

Teaching License Preserved (with Drug Test & Probation) – Arizona State Board of Education Hearing – AZ Board of Education v. Mr. F (DMC No. 12888) (Board of Education Case No. C-2013-037):  Police had responded to Mr. F’s neighborhood regarding reports of gunshots fired.  They made contact with various residents, and spoke with Mr. F and his girlfriend. Although there was no knowledge of the gunshots, or issues between them, the Police smelled an odor of marijuana. They subsequently entered Mr. F’s residence and questioned him and his girlfriend.

In plain sight was some marijuana and a bong. Neither of the occupants had a Medical Marijuana Card, and both were subsequently arrested.  The Arizona Board of Education became involved and a Hearing was held in front of the Professional Practices Advisory Committee (“PPAC”).  This occurred because Mr. F was employed by an elementary school in the Phoenix area. Although Mr. F was facing potential Felony charges, we were able to convince the Advisory Council that Mr. F should not permanently lose his teaching certification.

The Advisory Council agreed to allow him to be employed at a non-teaching desk job for 1 year while undergoing monthly drug tests.  His teaching certification would be restored in full upon successful completion of those requirements.  Mr. F successfully completed all requirements and went back to teaching full time.  He is currently at work is very well liked and successful teacher.

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