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State v. Ms. S (DMC No. 16918)

Not Guilty/Complete Acquittal at Jury Trial – Reckless Driving – State v. Ms. S (DMC No. 16918) DEC 8, 2021 – (Scottsdale City Court No. TR2021-008788).

Ms. S was coming from her home in North Scottsdale to her job in central Scottsdale where she served as a CFO.  As she was driving in the middle lane down Shea Road heading toward 92nd Street, another car was revving its engine and continually speeding next to Ms. S’s vehicle at a close distance.  She became concerned, and sped up in order the pass the vehicle and get into the left lane.

At this time, a Scottsdale police officer was on a motorcycle and was conducting radar speed enforcement.  Subsequently, he pulled Ms. S over and stated that she was travelling 78 miles per hour in a 45 zone, and he then cited her for Criminal Speeding per ARS 28-701.02 (21 miles or more than the speed limit), and for a criminal Reckless Driving per ARS 28-693 (reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property).  The Criminal Speeding charge carried 3 points on a person’s license if convicted, and the Reckless Driving charge carried 8 points on a person’s license if convicted.

Ms. S then retained our services to challenge the Reckless Driving charge.  During our investigation efforts, while we were interviewing the Officer, it was discovered that there were high-power tension lines over that area where he was conducting his radar enforcement.  This could adversely affect his reading.  In addition, we challenged the calibration of his radar device.  In front of a Jury, all of these issues were brought forward and they ultimately returned a verdict of Not Guilty at Jury Trial.  As to the Criminal Speeding ticket, that was decided by the judge in what is known as a “bench trial,” which was conducted at the same time as the Jury Trial.  Ultimately, Ms. S paid a small fine and only had 3 points on her license.  Because she was found Not Guilty at Jury trial, this incident did not adversely affect her standing as a CFO of her company.

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