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State v. Ms G (DMC No. 16890)

Not Guilty/Complete Acquittal at Jury Trial – Super Extreme DWI (.289 BAC), Extreme DWI, DUI and DWI – State v. Ms G (DMC No. 16890) NOV 18, 2021 – (Peoria City Court (Case NO. TR2019-000322).

Ms G had dinner and several drinks at Legends Sports Bar in Peoria, Arizona.  She had medical issues which caused her feet to swell, so she left the bar and went to her parked car, turned on the engine in order to run the heater while she had her shoes off.  Her son worked across the street at the Lowe’s Department Store, and she was waiting for him to get off work.  He was then going to drive them both home.

It turned out that somebody had seen her leave the bar and thought she was intoxicated.  This person had called 911 and reported that there was a “drunk woman inside of her running car.”  The police then showed up and began the DUI investigation against Ms G.  Ms G explained she was a nurse, she was merely waiting for her son to get off work, and that she had called him and he could explain everything.  The police still arrested her for DUI and claimed that she was “in Actual Physical Control” of her vehicle.

She was subsequently taken to a police station where a blood draw was conducted.  Her blood results revealed a .289 blood alcohol content. She initially had hired another attorney in town, who had reviewed the case and had advising her to plead guilty to a super extreme DUI.  She then contacted our firm and we explained that she was not in Actual Physical Control because she intended to use her vehicle as temporary shelter while waiting for her son.  There was no indication that she ever intended to drive.  Although the prosecutor was stubborn, and would not listen to us, we set the case to Trial.  After a two-day trial, the Jury returned Not Guilty verdicts on all counts.  This was very important, as Ms G was a registered nurse, and a DUI conviction could have cost her her license.

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