Surprise Municipal / City Court

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The Surprise Municipal / City Court, is located in sunny Surprise, Arizona. If you’ve received a ticket, make sure before you go to this court that the ticket says “city” or “municipal”. If the ticket says Justice Court, you’re supposed to go the Justice Court in that jurisdiction, and if you’ve been charged with a felony you’re supposed to go to Superior Court.

David Cantor explains the Surprise Municipal Court:

Directions to Surprise Municipal / City Court

You’ll need some very specific directions to get to this particular building. If you’re going down the 101 Freeway toward Los Angeles, you’ll hit Grand Avenue or 60 West. Once you hit Grand Avenue, go up three to four miles, then make a left on Greenway Road, heading west. Then, go two to three more miles and make a right to drive north on Civic Center Drive, and go about a quarter of a mile. You will pass the superior court and go around a traffic circle to the Surprise City Court, and it is a large building on the right side next to a large lot. It can be difficult to find and is known as the Public Safety Building and is located at Paradise Lane and Civic Center Plaza. Once you have found the court, park appropriately and go inside.


Surprise Municipal Court
16081 N. Civic Center Plaza, Suite 105
Surprise, AZ   85374

Phone Number:

(623) 222-4800


Monday – Thursday 7AM – 6PM – Closed Friday


When you get to court, make sure you are dressed properly. Dress as though you are going to an interview – no hats, no sunglasses, no shorts, no t-shirts – look professional. When you get there, if you are on your own, you will be known as a “pro per,” and you will have to sit and wait until a prosecutor sees you. If you hire us, we actually go for you so you don’t even have to show up. The average case takes four to six months; we go to court every thirty days and attend court for you so you don’t miss work or school.

If you’re pro per, the prosecutor will just tell you to plead guilty because you have a bad case. The prosecutor won’t tell you that you have a very good case and that you should fight in court because you might win. If you hire us and there is an evidentiary hearing and you need to go to court, you will get preferential treatment because you are with a lawyer. This means that you will be preferred in the order – we get called first so we can get you in and out of court quickly. If you are pro per, you will just have to sit and wait for your name to be called alphabetically.

If you are deciding whether to hire us, visit the rest of our website, To schedule a free consultation or to speak with an attorney click here to submit a web form for a free consultation, or call us at 602-307-0808. We will get you into the office for a free, thirty minute initial consultation that won’t cost you a dime, it will just take thirty minutes of your time. In regard to our abilities – we have a win section that features more than 5,000 of our wins regarding criminal charges of all different types. You can also click to directly see our wins in the Surprise City Court – we have quite a few.

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