Casa Grande Justice Court

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Watch this video of DM Cantor, a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, describe in detail what to expect when visiting the Casa Grande Justice Court in Casa Grande, AZ.

To get there, you go down I-10 South and Exit #185 which is Pinal Avenue. Then go west about 8.3 miles until you hit Cottonwood Lane. Once you get to Cottonwood Lane, the building will be off to the side of the road on the south hand side. Just pull into the parking lot and then go into the window check in to let them know that you are there. They’re going to have you take a seat in the courtroom.

If you have to go to court dress professionally, as it lets the judge know that you take this charge very seriously. Make sure you don’t wear baseball hats, sunglasses, cutoffs, jeans with rips or holes in them, t-shirts with profanity or possibly offensive material, etc. Dress nicely as though you are a professional that takes this situation seriously.

The particular Judge in this court, as of the filming of this video, is John Ellsworth. If you want the firm’s opinion on Judge Ellsworth or any other judge that comes in, Click Here to our Judges Page. Look for Casa Grande Justice Court and I will give you one of four opinions. Either that the judge is pro-state, pro-defense, is right down the middle so they do not favor either side, or I have not dealt with the judge before so we haven’t been able to form an opinion of them.

If you’re viewing this video that means you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor. Casa Grande Justice Court doesn’t handle felonies, although the superior court does. Keep on mind, misdemeanors are still serious offenses. You can get up to six months in custody and thousands of dollars in fines and possible probation.

If you have been charged with a crime, give us a call at (602) 307-0808. We offer a free 30 minute initial consultation. All you have to do is bring in any paperwork that you have in regards to your case and we will go over the case with you from top to bottom. We will diligently work hard to try to find a way out of this situation for you or if we can possibly knock the charges down to something less serious in order to avoid jail time and any other potential penalties. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any other questions you might have.

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Casa Grande Justice Court

820 East Cottonwood Lane
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

(520) 836-5471

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