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U.S. V Mr. J (DMC No. 1153)

NOT GUILTY / COMPLETE ACQUITTAL | FELONY 6 COUNTS BANK AND WIRE FRAUD – Mr. J was a partner in JWJ Construction and Contracting.  This company handled projects that included paving the runways for the Sky Harbor Airport, amongst other large scale jobs.  At the direction of his partner and their accountant, he was tricked into signing various loan documents which did not properly reflect JWJ’s assets and liabilities.  Eventually, the loans defaulted which resulted in a $1,500,000.00 loss to the bank, and $18,000,000.00 loss to the bonding company.  Mr. J was subsequently charged with one count of Bank Fraud, three counts of Wire Fraud, one count of Conspiracy, and one count of False Statements to a Federally Insured Institution.  His case went to Jury Trial and David Cantor received a Not Guilty verdict on all six counts (a Complete Acquittal).  Mr. J’s partner and accountant each cut a deal with the prosecution to testify against Mr. J.  The accountant received a felony and was placed on probation, and Mr. J’s partner was sentenced to over one year in prison.

US District Court of Arizona No CR98-809-PHX-EHC

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