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Category Archives: 41 White Collar Crime Victories

Mr. R worked for the Swift Transportation Co. as an Information Technology (IT) Network Engineer. He subsequently formed an additional company known as PGN Solutions and began issuing false invoices to Swift Technology. He also secured credit cards from Swift Technology which allowed him to make other purchases. These purchases were disguised because he had claimed an Affiliation with Aspen Technologies (a legitimate contractor with whom Swift conducted a considerable amount of business). Unfortunately, PGN Solutions was merely a shell-company and was never affiliated with Aspen Technologies.

Ultimately, all of these purchases (combined with a tax liability) came to a total of $2,192,000. We were able to show the Prosecution that there had been no Obstruction of Justice by Mr. R., there had been an acceptance of responsibility and there was true remorse. Mr. R. had a family with young children and had also assisted the Sheriff’s Department with remote mountain rescues in the past. Ultimately, we were able to secure a deal that included restitution and 57 months in prison. If we would have gone to Trial and lost, Mr. R. would have faced potentially the rest of life in prison.

NOT CHARGED | FEDERAL BANK and WIRE FRAUD NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. C. (DMC No. 4579) (FBI Investigated): Mr. C. was accused by Meridian Bank of “kiting” funds.  The bank accused him of having several accounts, and wiring funds into one account while writing checks on the first account before the money actually posted on the second account.  Through this “check kiting activity”, they claimed a half a million dollars had been lost.  We’re able to show the Investigators this was a civil matter, and that no criminal activity had been conducted.  No criminal charges were brought against Mr. C.

NOT CHARGED | FEDERAL BANK and WIRE FRAUD – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 5207) (FBI/Department of Labor and U.S. Attorney’s Office Investigated): Mr. B. had started a print business for an investor, when it merged with a larger printing business.  Millions of dollars were involved, and it was discovered that the first company had reneged on its 401K promises and approximately $30,000 was missing.  Once the original company failed, it was also discovered that $3,000,000 invested by an international bank was also improperly loaned based on false loan documents.  Through a cooperation deal with the FBI, Department of Labor and U.S. Attorney’s Office, we were able to ensure no charges were ever brought against Mr. B.

NOT CHARGED | FORGERY – Ms V. was a registered nurse who worked for a doctor’s office and was addicted to prescription pills.  She had apparently taken the doctor’s prescription pad and forged scripts for various narcotic drugs.  With our involvement, we were able to convince the prosecutor’s office not to file charges.

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