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Category Archives: 46 Theft Pre-Charge Victories

NOT CHARGED | STATE RICO, FRAUD SCHEMES, INSURANCE FRAUD and THEFT – State v. Ms. L. (DMC No. 6458) (Department of Insurance Fraud Unit DR05-00084/Arizona Attorney General’s Office Investigated): Ms. L. had filed several police reports alleging that several vehicles had been stolen, which were later found in the desert burned.  Due to Ms. L.’s prior criminal history, the Department of Insurance Fraud Unit began investigating her, along with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.  It was suspected that she was running an illegal enterprise which involved faking the theft of vehicles in order to secure insurance proceeds.  Although the Department of Insurance turned the case over to the Attorney General’s Office, we were able to convince them not to file charges against Ms. L. due to a lack of probable cause.


NOT CHARGED | SHOPLIFTING – State v. Mr. P. (DMC No. 10862) (Glendale Police Department DR12-034118;DR11-094847;DR11-104230): Mr. P. was accused of shoplifting video games at a Walmart.  The Walmart’s Loss Prevention Officer’s then claimed that he had done it three other times.  He was arrested and charged with the shoplift of the video games.  During our investigation, we were able to convince the Prosecutor that no evidence existed for the other three shoplifting allegations.  If all four shoplifting had been filed against Mr. P. he would have been looking at two separate felonies and two separate misdemeanors, which could have exposed him to prison time.


NOT CHARGED | FEDERAL TRAFFICKING of STOLEN GOODS NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. H. (DMC No. 10193) (Department of Defense Investigated): Mr. H. had purchased numerous night vision equipment from a seller on Craig’s List.  He then resold the items on EBay.  It was discovered that about half of these night vision goggles were protected Military equipment pursuant to Department of Defense rules.  We were able to work with the Department of Defense Investigator, and show them exactly who sold the items to Mr. H.  These original items were stolen from a security locker off site away from a Military base located out of State.  That person was eventually prosecuted, and Mr. H. was never charged with any crimes.

NOT CHARGED | SHOPLIFTING – Ms. K. was observed at a Dillard’s store in the Scottsdale Fashion Square.  She was stopped approximately 100 meters outside the store by store security and they found various items of clothing that still had security tags on them in her bag.  They obtained her information, then released her and contacted police.  Because the police hadn’t actually interviewed Ms. K., in addition to some of the issues regarding her being detained and questioned, we were able to keep any charges from being filed against Ms. K.

NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT – Ms. C. was Treasurer of a local homeowner’s association.  She was accused of taking $7,500.  The Homeowner’s Board was suspicious and was asking to check the books.  We were able to get involved, get all the money paid back and keep this from going forward to the police for charges.  Ms. C. would have been facing potential years in prison.

NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT – (DMC No. 7091) State v. Ms. S.: Mr. S. worked in an AM/PM convenience store and he was accused of stealing money from the register.  He admitted that he stole about $200 per month, which totaled $1,000.  Later, allegations went up to $20,000 stolen over the course of a year.  Because the surveillance cameras did not actually show Mr. S. placing money in his pocket and due to the fact that their insurance company had reimbursed the store’s owners, we were able to keep charges from being filed against Mr. S., and prevent him from facing multiple years in prison.

NOT CHARGED | THEFT – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. W. worked at a local guitar shop and was accused of taking a guitar and selling it to a pawn shop. We were able to retrieve the guitar from the pawn shop and return it to the guitar shop, along with a specified amount of money, in exchange for a “release.” Detectives were satisfied and no charges were brought against Mr. W.

NOT CHARGED | THEFT – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Ms. Y. was a Hospice worker who took care of an elderly woman during the last months of her life. After the woman passed on, her family members claimed there were gold coins missing from her house. We were able to sit with detectives and show them that our client had no involvement. In addition, we pointed out it was quite possible that one of the woman’s children had gone to the house first and taken the coins before the other siblings could arrive. Therefore, no charges were brought against Ms. Y.

NOT CHARGED | EMBEZZLEMENT/THEFT – (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. M. was an employee of a local interior design shop. He allegedly embezzled over $30,000.00 during a 4 year span. We were able to negotiate a civil settlement of $20,000.00 in payments, and the detectives agreed not to file charges.

NOT CHARGED | SALE OF STOLEN AUTO PARTS – State v. Mr. P. and Mr. P. (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Two brothers were accused of stealing car parts from various tire stores and then selling them on-line. A search was executed by the police, and we discovered the search warrant was based on false information. Due to the fact that we were able to point out that items seized would be suppressed, the Maricopa County Attorney’s chose to not file charges.

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