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Category Archives: 300 Sex Crime Victories

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL ASSAULT – In 2006, Mr. M, a juvenile correctional officer, was accused of molesting one of the inmates. We had Mr. M pass a polygraph, and the inmate refused to do the same when requested to do so by Detectives. It was fairly easy to show that this was a retaliatory claim by an inmate against one of his jailers. He was not charged by the Prosecutor or by a Grand Jury.

Court – Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

NOT CHARGED | CHILD MOLESTATION – In 2006, Mr. A was accused by two of his teenage grand-daughters of fondling them while in the swimming pool. We were able to show that the two girls were upset with their grandfather because he would not provide them with money because he was currently in a dispute with his own daughter (their mother). Upon further investigation, Mr. A passed a polygraph test and both alleged victims admitted that they had made up the story because they were upset, and because their mother had pressured them.

Mesa Police Department

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL MISCONDUCT WITH MINOR / CHILD MOLESTATION – In 2001, Mr. B was accused by his adopted daughter of molesting her. We were able to show that the adopted daughter was using methamphetamine and was seeking to garner money out of Mr. B, while also siding with her mom in a custody dispute. By interviewing her older sister, we were able to show that she had made up the allegations, and the Prosecutor agreed to dismiss the most serious charges (which carried a mandatory minimum of 65 years in prison), and plead Mr. B to a Furnishing Harmful Materials to a Minor. He was subsequently placed on probation and did 2 days in jail

Maricopa County Superior Court No CR2003-XXXXXX

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL MISCONDUCT WITH A MINOR Mr. C was accused of molesting his infant daughter. He was going through a custody battle at the time, and we had him take and pass a polygraph examination. We also were able to show (through interviewing his ex-wife’s “friends”) that she had indicated she was going to make up these allegations in order to gain custody. She later refused to cooperate with the police when they sought to question her about her false allegations.


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