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Category Archives: 117 Property Crime Pre-Charge Victories

NOT CHARGED | FELONY CRIMINAL DAMAGE – Mr. S had run into 2 old high school friends at a Jack in the Box. The 2 friends broke down the door to the store (because it had just closed), and 1 of them was caught by police. This individual claimed Mr. S. had broken the door, and not the other suspect. We were able to sit down with Tempe Police and explain what truly occurred. No charges were brought against Mr. S.

NOT CHARGED | THEFT/BURGLARY – State v. Mr. K. (Maricopa County) (DMC No. ): Mr. K. was accused of stealing $2,000.00 from the safe of a K-Mart store where he was employed. We had him submit to a polygraph, and then sat down with detectives in order for them to interview Mr. K. The detectives reviewed our polygraph and agreed that no charges would be brought against Mr. K.

NOT CHARGED | BURGLARY (Maricopa County) (DMC No. 4147): Mr. W. had prior issues with alcoholism. After living sober for quite a while, he “fell off the wagon” and was found breaking into cars in front of his new apartment and stealing various items. We were able to get Mr. W. into a Faith Based Rehab Program, and we provided numerous letters to the County Attorney’s Office on his behalf. The County Attorney’s Office agreed to route the case to the City Prosecutor’s Office for misdemeanor charges instead of felony charges. We then dealt with the City Prosecutor, who agreed to allow the 1 year statute of limitations run and bring no charges against Mr. W. because he had remained law-abiding for over 1 year.

NOT CHARGED | HIT & RUN –  (DMC No. 7059) (Mesa Police Department): Mr. O.’s vehicle was seen by a witness making a wide turn, running through a brick wall, and then catching on fire. Multiple people got out of the vehicle and left the area. The police contacted Mr. O. (because he was the vehicle’s owner) and he refused to speak with police. The owner of the wall later talked with Mr. O., and Mr. O. allegedly admitted to driving. We were able to provide insurance information to the victim, and convince the Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office not to file charges.

NOT CHARGED | HIT & RUN –  (DMC No. 7092) (City of Phoenix): Mr. S. was involved in an accident with some parked cars in his apartment complex’s parking garage. He subsequently parked his car and was walking to his apartment when a security guard came up and questioned him. Mr. S. claimed that somebody else was driving the vehicle and had left. Later he was contacted by police and he initially lied. He subsequently admitted to being the driver. We contacted police and provided his insurance information. A decision was made by the City of Phoenix Prosecutor not to press charges.

NOT CHARGED | TRESPASSING – State vs. Mr. M. (DMC No. 10019): Mr. M. was at the Talking Stick Casino with a friend, and both had been drinking heavily.  Mr. M. was shoved out of an elevator, just prior to his friend going down to the casino.  When he caught up with his friend, they engaged in a verbal argument.  Casino staff were called and asked Mr. M. to leave, and he refused.  He was eventually arrested by Salt River PD and charged with trespass.  We were able to convince the prosecutor that he was merely upset and exercising his right to free speech and that this case should not be charged.  They agreed and no charges were re-filed.

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