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REDUCED/DISMISSED | ASSAULT REDUCED to DISORDERLY CONDUCT/DISORDERLY CONDUCT then DISMISSED with “diversion” – State v. Ms. Q. (DMC No.6120) (Peoria City Court CR2005-000976): Ms. Q. had gotten into an altercation with her ex-husband’s new wife. They were arguing and fighting over the 17 year old daughter who had split custody. She was subsequently charged with assault and we were able to show it was a mutual combat scenario. The charges were reduced from assault to disorderly conduct. We were then able to convince the Prosecutor to allow Ms. Q. to take classes in order to have the case dismissed per “diversion”. She had no conviction on her record.

REDUCED | RACING ON ROADWAY REDUCED to “speeding” ticket with zero days jail – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 6623) (Peoria City Court TR2006-004458): A Peoria Police Officer claimed that he was at 8200 W. Paradise Lane when he heard two motorcycles revving their engines and driving on the roadway in excess of the 35 MPH speed limit. When he activated his lights, one motorcycle “popped a wheelie” and fled.  Mr. S. was obeying traffic laws and he pulled over properly.  We explained to the prosecutor that Mr. S. was not racing, and it was actually the other motorcyclist who was behaving dangerously.  Mr. S. did not know the other motorcyclist, and the prosecutor agreed to reduce the “racing on roadway” ticket down to a “speeding” ticket.  This saved Mr. S. from his license from being suspended.

REDUCED | THEFT/POSSESSION OF BURGLARY TOOLS/BURGLARY – State v. Mr. C. (Peoria City Court No. CR2003-000888): Mr. C. was initially arrested because a victim claimed that she observed 2 males removing lug nuts and trying to steal 4 wheel covers from her vehicle. Mr. C. was arrested and charged with Burglary, Possession of Burglary Tools, and Theft. We were able to show the prosecutor that due to the low value of the property ($285.00) that the case should be routed to the City Prosecutor’s Office for misdemeanor charges. We then negotiated to have him charged with a single misdemeanor Theft. Mr. C. paid a $350.00 fine and served no jail time.

(Peoria Municipal Court No. 0105878CR): Mr. P. was stopped by Arizona DPS for a minor traffic infraction. Subsequently, he was processed for DUI and he requested to call an attorney. We filed a Motion to Dismiss based upon denial of right to Counsel, and held an Evidentiary Hearing before the Peoria Justice of the Peace. The Judge ruled against us, but because the tape of the proceeding was lost, we were entitled to a “Trial De Novo” in the Superior Court. When the time for the trial came, the State was adequately prepared and the Superior Court Judge dismissed all charges.

REDUCED | EXTREME DUI (.169 BAC) (Peoria Municipal Court No. TR2006010618CR): Mr. H. was caught on radar traveling 54 mph along 107th Ave. After he was stopped an odor of alcohol was detected, and he was arrested and provided a blood sample which revealed a BAC of .169. We were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the Extreme DUI and offer a regular DUI which involved 6 days in jail instead of 30.

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