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Category Archives: Paradise Valley City Court Victories

DRIVING on SUSPENDED LICENSE REDUCED to LICENSE not in POSSESSION TICKET – State v. Ms. K. (DMC No. 9107) (Paradise Valley City Court 33183A):  Ms. K. was from Korea and was cited at Cheney at 70th Street in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  She was accused of driving on a suspended license.  Because Ms. K. was from Korea, we were able to demonstrate to the Prosecutor that she did not understand that when she had taken care of previous traffic tickets she was to have gone to the DMV in order to reinstate her license.  They agreed to drop the criminal charge in exchange for a simple “license not in possession” ticket and a small fine. Originally, the conviction may have interfered with Ms. K.’s immigration status.

RECKLESS DRIVING DISMISSED – State v. Mr. J. (DMC No. 10621) (Paradise Valley City Court 37417): A Paradise Valley Police Officer stated that he saw Mr. J.’s vehicle turn into the parking lot of the Franciscan Renewal Center at 60th Street and Lincoln.  He saw it drive rapidly and then turn back out of the property, and then the taillights “disappeared”.   He found the vehicle crashed in the desert and Mr. J. was not inside of the vehicle.  Due to the possible issues regarding positively identifying the driver, we were able to convince the Prosecutor to dismiss all charges in exchange for some community service hours.

SUPER EXTREME DUI (.321 BAC) REDUCED to NON SUPER EXTREME DUI with 3 DAYS of ACTUAL JAIL TIME (BASED on MITIGATION) – State v. Ms. G. (DMC No. 11146) (Paradise Valley City Court 38024): Ms. G. had been battling alcoholism for some time when she had a relapse.  She had driven to her children’s school and was detained by school security in the parking lot.  When police arrived she was no longer operating her vehicle.  She was subsequently arrested for Super Extreme DUI and provided a .321 blood alcohol sample.  Shortly after retaining our Firm, we had Ms. G. enroll in and complete inpatient alcohol abuse counseling.  She also was receiving ongoing outpatient therapy.  Based on the mitigating factors, combined with the fact that she was no longer behind the wheel when the actual police arrived, we secured a plea to a Non Super Extreme DUI which included only 3 days of actual jail time.

SUPER EXTREME DUI (.213 BAC) REDUCED to REGULAR DUI with 10 DAYS in JAIL – State v. Mr. D. (DMC No. 5586) (Paradise Valley City Court 25133): Mr. D. was observed at Scottsdale Road and Lincoln Drive in Paradise Valley, Arizona sitting at a green left turn arrow.  After he turned, he was allegedly clocked by the officer doing a 55 in a 40 mph zone.  After he was pulled over, the officer then began a DUI investigation and transported Mr. D. to the police station.  While Mr. D. was there, he asked to call our office and we spoke with him.  He eventually provided a blood test which revealed a .213 BAC.  Because Mr. D. had been interviewed at the station without being read his Miranda rights, we were able to convince the Prosecutor that all statements would be suppressed.  The Prosecutor then agreed to reduce the Super Extreme DUI down to a regular DUI with 10 days in jail.  A Super Extreme DUI would have mandated 45 days in jail.

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