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Category Archives: 2000 Juvenile Court Victories

 NOT CHARGED | POSSESSION of MARIJUANA/POSSESSION of DRUG PARAPHERNALIA and FALSE REPORTING NOT CHARGED – State v. Ms. J.  (DMC No. 6784) (Maricopa County Juvenile Court O6-000010776): Ms. J. was with her friend at a AM/PM, when an officer made contact with them.  Her and her friend appeared to have been drinking, and both stated they were 16 years of age.  In reality, they were 14 years old and had been drinking and smoking marijuana.  We were able to intercept the case at the juvenile court level, and have the case diverted from prosecution pursuant to diversion classes.  No charges were ever brought against Ms. J.

NOT CHARGED | BURGLARY – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 6766) (Pinal County Juvenile Court 0012061149): Mr. B. was 13 years old and was accused of going onto construction sites of houses under construction and breaking windows and pouring out grout.  Initially, the claimed damage was over $12,000.  We were able to demonstrate that the damages were not that high, and the Pinal County Attorney’s Office agreed to allow Mr. B. to enter into a diversion dismissal program.  No charges were ever brought against him.


DISMISSED | RECKLESS DRIVING DISMISSED with diversion – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 6574) (Maricopa County Juvenile Court JV-1034027): Mesa Officers were called to an accident scene were they observed Mr. B.’s vehicle tipped on its side with several trees knocked down.  A witness claimed that Mr. B. passed him at 60 to 65 MPH at just past midnight.  Although the trees cost $1,500 to replace, we convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the “reckless driving” charge in exchange for diversion classes based on Mr. B.’s young age.

REDUCED | DRAG RACING (while on probation) REDUCED to “speeding” ticket – State v. Mr. O. (DMC No. 4561) (Maricopa County Juvenile Court JV-537357): Mr. O. has been in front of the juvenile court system 4 previous times for traffic offenses prior to being charged with drag racing.  He was currently on probation for one of his prior charges when he came to see us.  We were able to convince the prosecutor to offer a reduced charge of a “speeding” ticket with some community service hours.  Mr. O. would have received enough points on his license with the drag racing conviction to cause a revocation of his driving privileges.  The disposition garnered saved him his ability to drive.

JUVENILE MINOR in POSSESSION of TOBACCO DISMISSED – State v. Ms. F (DMC No. 6834) (Maricopa County Juvenile Court No. JV542678): Mr. F was a 16 year old student at Dobson High School who was accused of smoking while entering campus grounds. The school Resource Officer (A Mesa Police Officer) made contact with her and began to question her. Ms. F stated that she did not want to answer questions until she spoke with her mom. She was never read her Juvenile Miranda Rights, and she was subsequently cited with Minor in Possession of Tobacco pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute ARS 4-244.9. We argued to the Prosecutor that the Officer violated Ms. F’s Juvenile Miranda Rights, and they agreed that they would dismiss all charges if she wrote an essay and completed 10 hours of community service. Ms. F and her parents agreed to the terms, and all charges were dismissed against her.

REDUCED | DUI (.088 BAC) REDUCED to UNDERAGE DRINK and DRIVE with ZERO DAYS JAIL – State v. Mr. R. (DMC No. 5262) (Maricopa County Juvenile Court JV539639): Mr. R. was pulled over by police for rolling through a stop sign at 5 mph.  They asked if he had been drinking, and then gave him a hand held breath test which revealed a .093.  Then he was brought to a DUI van where he gave a full blown breath test revealing a .088 BAC.  We were able to get the DUI dismissed in exchange for a plea to “underage drinking and driving”.  Mr. R. did not have to do any jail time.

REDUCED | Child Pornography, State v. Mr. H. (DMC No. 7155) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. JV-544956): REDUCED to Probation – Mr. H. was a 17 year old male who was utilizing a file sharing software “Limewire.” While downloading music and videos, he came across what appeared to be child pornography. Due to his youth and inexperience, he downloaded these images. He thought they were “gross” and would use them to “freak out” his friends. The FBI traced the images to his computer and executed a search warrant. His mother brought him down for questioning and let him speak to police. This resulted with him being charged with Child Pornography. We were able to keep the case in the juvenile system, as opposed to being transferred to the adult system where Mr. H. would have faced 10 years in prison, per video. Ultimately, the case was resolved with probation until his 18th birthday, 60 days of deferred jail, and various counseling. When he successfully completed his counseling and probation, the jail was deleted and he did not have to register as a sex offender. He now has nothing showing on his adult record.

DISMISSED | Illegal Sale of Prescription Drugs, State v. Mr. A. (DMC No.7256) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. JV 544825): Mr. A. was a 15 year old high school student who took Zanax to school to sell to other kids. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale. We were able to convince the prosecutors to keep the case in Juvenile Court, rather than routing it do adult court, where Mr. A. would have potentially faced years in prison. We were able to show that because of his youth and immaturity, this case should be dismissed in its entirety. In exchange for a 3 page essay to be given to the judge, we were able to have all charges dismissed.

REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR | Felony Criminal Damage, State v. Mr. D. (Maricopa County Juvenile Court): Mr. D. was charged with felony criminal damage and felony disorderly conduct arising from a family altercation. Mr. D. came in past his curfew, and his mother’s boyfriend (who had been drinking) got into an argument with Mr. D. Mr. D. then locked himself in a room and the mother’s boyfriend pried the door open and poured soda over his head and body. Mr. D. then became very upset, damaged the walls, pool table, and the windshield of his mother’s car. We were able to convince the prosecutor he was operating under self-defense and duress, in addition to being provoked. They agreed, and reduced his charges to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct with no days in jail.

DISMISSED | CONSPIRACY TO SELL DANGEROUS DRUGS – State v. Mr. A. (A713869CR): Police stopped Mr. A. for a minor traffic violation and then searched his vehicle without permission. Over 200 pills of Ecstasy and cocaine were found in his vehicle. Due to the fact that the search was illegal, we were able to get the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to dismiss the charges.

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