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Category Archives: 47K Issuing Bad Checks Victories

Felony Issuing Bad Checks ($5,000) Felony Identify Theft & Felony Forgery Not Charged – State v. Mr. T (DMC No. 14202) (Pinal County Sheriff’s Office DR14-0130179): Mr. T worked for a well known national bank as a teller.  After his last day on the job, he was contacted by the fraud department claiming he had written multiple checks from different businesses totaling $5,000.  He immediately retained our services and we contacted the banks fraud department.  We also contacted the lead detective of the Pinal County Sherriff’s Office.

We then prepared a Trebus letter, which we sent to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office should they proceed by way of Grand Jury.  We requested that our client would like to make a statement, and the Grand Jury be told this, in fact, was going to happen.  After presenting our objections to the bank and to the Detective, the Detective requested more information from the bank.  The bank’s Investigator could not provide further information or handwriting samples which would support their claim.  No charges were brought against Mr. T.

DISMISSED | BAD CHECKS CHARGE – State v. Mr. Z. (DMC No. 5452) (Downtown Justice Court CR03-00759): Mr. Z. was accused of writing checks which totaled $5,750.  After he was arrested and posted bond, he hired us to fight the case.  We were able to work with the original the payee and have the entire charge dismissed in full.

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