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(2 COUNTS) FELONY VEHICULAR SECOND DEGREE MURDER and (1 COUNT) FELONY HIT & RUN REDUCED to 19 YEARS in PRISON – State v. Mr. N (DMC No. 6998) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. CR2005-011605): In this high profile vehicular homicide case, Mr. N had blown through a red light and rear ended another vehicle containing 2 passengers. One of the passengers was pregnant at the time. Their car then struck a bus stop and bursts into flames. Both passengers inside burned to death. Mr. N then got out of his car and fled the scene. When he was apprehended, he was found to have cocaine in his system along with alcohol. He also had prior felony convictions. He was ultimately charged with 2 Counts of Second Degree Murder and 1 Count of Felony Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident.

The family hired us to attempt to challenge the evidence and secure the lowest possible prison offer for Mr. N. His initial plea offer was to stipulate to 25 years in custody. We then negotiated an offer to a range of 16-32 years in prison, with the  exact prison sentence to be left up to the Judge. After putting together an extensive Mitigation Package that include interviewing all if Mr. N’s family members, along with a history of his upbringing and drug dependency, we convinced the Judge to give a sentence of 19 years. The Prosecutor wanted 25-32 years. Our involvement helped shave 6 years of prison off of the original plea offer.

VEHICULAR AGGRAVATED ASSAULT/FATAL HIT AND RUN REDUCED to probation and no actual jail – State v. Mr. P (DMC No. 4372) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2004-007740): Mr. P. was involved in a car accident with a pedestrian in which he took off.  He immediately contacted our office the next day, and we contacted Detectives in order to find out how badly the individual was hurt, and to make arrangements to turn in Mr. P. for self surrender.  For 4 months Detectives could find no report indicating that there was an accident and that anyone had been struck.  Our office had Mr. P.’s car put into storage and analyzed by experts.  Clearly he had struck another person.  After 4 months, other Detectives had inadvertently categorized the police report under “hit and run” instead of “vehicular homicide”.  When the mistake was realized, the victim’s family was notified, and we struck a deal with the prosecutor to reduce a potential vehicular homicide to an AGGRAVATED ASSAULT charge.  We later presented mitigating information regarding Mr. P. and had the AGGRAVATED ASSAULT DANGEROUS (which subjected him to potentially 5 to 15 years in prison minimum) down to probation with 6 months of “deferred” jail.  At the conclusion of probation, the 6 months jail requirement was waived and Mr. P. did not have to serve any actual jail time.

REDUCED| HIT AND RUN REDUCED to a “failure to yield” ticket – State v. Mr. G. (DMC No. 9881) (Phoenix City Court 4293650): Police were called to the scene of an unattended vehicle accident in the morning.  Mr. G.’s vehicle was found wrecked into another vehicle.  Nobody was present.  Upon contacting Mr. G., he admitted that he drove the vehicle the night before.  Due to the fact that we filed a “Corpus Delicti” Motion, which would preclude Mr. G.’s statement from being admitted into evidence and the fact that a key witness failed to appear for a deposition, we were able to have the hit and run dismissed in exchange for a failure to yield ticket and a small fine.

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “speeding ticket” – State v. Ms. M. (DMC No. 5885) (Chandler City Court 05-C-2684531): Ms. M. was a juvenile who was driving on a learner’s permit, when a car in front of her stopped abruptly.  She rear-ended the car and both drivers got out and looked at the damage.  They both agreed to pull into a parking lot, and then Ms. M. fled the scene.  We were able to convince the prosecutor that due to Ms. M.’s youth, and the fact that some information may have been exchanged the hit and run should be dismissed in exchange for a speeding ticket.  The prosecutor agreed, and Ms. M. only received a ticket with only a small fine.

REDUCED | FELONY HIT AND RUN – State v. Ms. H. (DMC No. 10406) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2011-126224): Ms. H. had been driving a “Rhino” off-road vehicle when she had hit a bush and flipped.  She injured the passenger who was riding with her, and she was in a daze immediately after the accident.  She ran to her house to call her ex-husband, and when he got there the police had already arrived.  They were originally going to charge her with a DUI, but not could prove whether she had drank after driving or before.  They subsequently charged her with a felony hit and run which we convinced the prosecutor to reduce to an endangerment charge with zero days in jail.  Upon completion of probation the case was designated a misdemeanor. 

NOT CHARGED/REDUCED | FALSE REPORTING/HIT AND RUN and ENDANGERMENT – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 10842) (Scottsdale City Court CR2012010042):  Police were dispatched to the location of Terrance & Vista, where they discovered a vehicle that had struck and blown apart a block wall.  They observed debris strewn all over the roadway.  When they contacted Mr. S., he had denied driving and stated that his vehicle was stolen.  Eventually he admitted to driving and he was charged with hit and run and endangerment.  We were able to convince the prosecutor that nobody was endangered (other than Mr. S.), and that the hit and run charge should also be dismissed in exchanged for a reckless driving plea involving no jail time.  We also convinced the prosecutor to not charge Mr. S. for false reporting to a police officer.

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “unsafe backing” ticket – State v. Ms. B. (DMC No. 4551) (Surprise City Court TR04-02050): Ms. B. had been backing out of her driveway when she struck a car that parked across the street in order to visit a friend.  She then drove away, and a neighbor reported her to police.  When contacted by police she denied being involved in the accident, although she admitted to driving and that her stereo had been very loud.  The prosecution was eventually convinced to offer her a plea to “unsafe backing” for a fine of $113.

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “speeding” ticket at Bench Trial – State v. Mr. N. (DMC No. 10404) (Scottsdale City Court TR-2011015309): Mr. N. was coming up to 70th Street and McDowell Road when he observed a vehicle stopped at a red light backing up rapidly.  He misjudged the distance and struck the car in front of him.  That vehicle then made an illegal u-turn, and Mr. N., believing damage was minimal drove on home.  Upon being contacted by police he initially did not admit to being involved in the accident.  Because the accident was the other drivers fault (in our opinion) the case was set to bench trial.  On the day of bench trial, the State agreed to dismiss the hit and run in exchange for a plea to a simple speeding ticket.

HIT AND RUN REDUCED to “speeding” ticket – State v. Ms. L. (DMC No. 4805) (Chandler City Court 04-C-2392): Ms. L. had pulled her vehicle into a parking lot and had accidentally struck another vehicle.  She then moved her vehicle and parked it in a different location without contacting the other vehicles owner.  Witnesses got her license plate and she was tracked down at her home.  We were able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge from hit and run down to a civil speeding ticket with only a fine.

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