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Category Archives: Guadalupe City Court Victories

REDUCED | DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED REDUCED to “no registration” ticket – State v. Mr. G. (DMC No. 6292) (Guadalupe City Court TR06-0032): Mr. G. was seen travelling through Guadalupe at Avenida Del Yaqui at a high rate of speed.  They accelerated to catch up to him, and found his truck parked in front of a business.  They knocked on the door, but the business was locked.   They waited for one and a half an hours, and did not see Mr. G.  They went back the next day and could not contact him.  They then had his vehicle towed.  Subsequently, Mr. G. contacted police and they attempted to question him, to which he denied all knowledge.  They then cited him for “driving on a suspended license” along with several other charges.  We were able to convince the prosecutor they could not make valid identification that he was actually the driver, and they agreed to reduce it to a simple “no registration” ticket, which was ultimately dismissed once Mr. G. had his car registered.

EXTREME DUI (.185) REDUCED to REGULAR DUI with 2 DAYS in JAIL – State v. Ms. R. (DMC No. 10079) (Guadalupe City Court TR0020110017): Ms. R. was seen driving without her headlights on Avenida Del Yaqui and Calle Cerritos in Guadalupe, Arizona.  When she was pulled over, the officers detected a strong odor of alcohol and they began a DUI investigation.  Ms. R. was given a breath test which revealed a .185 BAC.  Due to issues regarding the lack of a proper “depravation period”, we were able to convince the Prosecutor to offer a Regular DUI with only 2 days in jail.  Originally, Ms. R. was facing 30 days in jail.

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